GTA 5: Ballad Of Gay Tony Actor Rules Out Luis Return

NowGamer: Another GTA cameo possibility squashed.

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Trainz2435d ago

Never liked Luis anyway.
I hope they bring back Packie and Gerry McReary as bosses.
And Rocco and Giovanni Ancelotti just so I can kill them.

fastrez2434d ago

YDefinitely one of the weaker characters out there in the GTA-verse

skyward2434d ago

Would have been good to do some missions for previous pro-tags, but don't really want any old ties to earlier games - got a feeling R* wants this game to stand apart.

Grip2434d ago

i liked him it was way better than the biker guy from first DLC

blaze22-qwerty2434d ago

I want AMIR YUSUF that guy was sooo funny

Sugreev20012434d ago

It's Yusuf Amir,and I agree he should at least have a cameo in GTA V.

blaze22-qwerty2434d ago

If you dont know him he is the rich & FUNNY arab guy

EazyC2429d ago

Your perfect man, right?

NYC_Gamer2434d ago

he wouldn't fit the story line they are aiming for to be honest