Sony: 15 PS3 exclusives in 7 months - what are they?

According to SCEA's senior VP of marketing Peter Dille, there will be 15 exclusive PlayStation 3 games between September 2007 and April 2008. What are the 15 exclusives he's talking about?

Gaming Target's Matt Swider lists the 15 titles and briefly evaluates the upcoming lineup.

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Hydrollex3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

What xbox 360 got in 2008 ? maybe 5 good exclusives but PS3:
UT3 = will be port to Xbox 360
Killzone 2
La noir
The Getaway 3
Eight Days
Tekken 6
Driver 5
and ....
there are many.

2008 = PS3

If you are an Xbox 360 fanboy don't get mad just name some good exclusives in 2008.

shmee3952d ago

even without the MAJOR games except R&C ,HS and UNCHARTED ...ps3 is outselling competition in EU and JAPAN

well 2008 is where all competition comes to an end

jiggyjay3952d ago

blah blah blah.. wait til 2008.. wait till uncharted.. wait till 40 gb ps3.. wait till heavenly sword/lair... wait till the ps3 launches.. blah blah blah! Man sony fanboys have to come out with new materials! Seriously you guys keep blabbing but the PS3 is still getting raped by the 360!!! who cares about how many exclusive games the PS3 has! Its all about price!!! The PS2 or PS1 didn't sell 100+each because of games alone! It sold that much because of price!


That's who its all about the casual gamers those who probably spend 5-10 hours a month playing games and don't want to spend more than $200 on a console.. The casual gamers don't care about how many exlusives one console has they care about which one is going to give them the best bang for the buck! Right now its the Wii but when M$ drops the price of its console then I will guarantee its going to be the 360! You Sony Fanboys have to get your heads out of Sony's big ass and stop believing what they tell you!! 1080p is needed, blu ray was needed, HDMI is needed.. Yeah those are needed for a NEXT GEN DVD PLAYER! Not a game console!

mesh13952d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH RIght ps3is a joke keep saying ps3 will own every eyars itd getting comidic

nix3952d ago

dude... i think you should take that head out of bill's ass! man.. you must be the only xbot left, calling PS3 a movie player. at least, update yourself dude!

even Mart doesn't call it a blu-ray player anymore.

wil4hire3952d ago

Notice all the ones you have mentioned are at different stages of development.

The only exclusives the 360 has =

Too Human
The Nintendo Fighting Game. Cant think of the name.. wasn't as good as Tekken, thats why its just coming back now..


Halo: Prequel
Halo: THe Lunchbox
Halo: The Third
Halo: THis time, its serious.
Halo: Fast and Furious..

Madbrain3952d ago

lol good one the Halo joke... bubble for you!

sonarus3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

haha you forgot the peter jackson project though. Ps3 has the most exclusives and more importantly the more quality ones going into 08. The funny thing is there are tons of exclusives still unannoucned when i think about those i get an odd tingly feelin inside. lol

Games am lookin forward to going into nxt yr multiplat or exclusive will purchase on ps3 or on 360
PS3 1st
Burnout paradise
GT prologue and then
Killzone 2
In-Famous (still need to see more though)
Haze (Its got 4 player coop nuff said)
Tekken 6 (never really liked fighting games but got into tekken 5 online and i love it now so i gotta get 6
Home (Sure its not a game but its free and looks mega cool)
GOW3 (GOW 1 is 1 of the greatest games of all time in my opinion)
FF13 assuming it arrives 08
Silent hill 5
SOCOM confrontation and then the real socom\\
Resistance 2
The getaway 3
LA Noire but i think thats been confirmed for 09
The ps3 crytek project thats supposed to come out next yr would be nice too
Rainbow 6 vegas (would get for 360 but i like to play with friends and most of my friends either have or are gettin a ps3 by that time)
Thats all for ps3 that i can remember

alan wake
Gears of War 2 assuming it comes out
Banjo Kazooie 3 would be nice to see what they can do with this really loved the game on N64 like to see the visual jump should be impressive

The Killer3952d ago

ps3 will take over next year!!
but lets be realistic here, 360 wont die next year it will still be selling well in USA. and other regions well.... u can see it from now whats happening ps3 7:1 in japan and 4:3 in europe!!
but 360 will still sell well but wont be as good as ps3!!
about the wii:) well it will still be hard to find in europe and NA until mid-2008!

marinelife93951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Both systems will have some good games coming out. I just so happen to want to play the PS3 games a little more. Although Alan Wake looks like it is going to be a classic.

Anyone heard anything new on 2 days 2 Vegas, Ni Oh, LA Noire, The Getaway, Resistance 2, 8 days, or God of War 3?

WilliamRLBaker3951d ago

haze will come to 360 we all know it will, tekken 6 will come to 360 as well as well as getaway 3.

sonarus3951d ago

@William Haze may or may not come to ps3 really dnt care. Tekken 6 will NOT Come to 360 it will sell fine on ps3 where its supposed to be also tekken has ALWAYS been exclusive to sony. And i wonder how the getaway can come to 360 considering sony owns the lisence and not only are they publishing but they are developing as well.????

deathtok3951d ago

Don't forget about Home, I know I'm interested in trying it.

KingME3951d ago

This is what I feel the hardcore (or moronic) PS3& 360 fanboy does. Please note I am speaking of a small minority of fanboys vs the populus. Anyway, some good news comes out for the PS3, sometimes even great news. Everyone is happy, then some ignorant "fanboy" starts to bash the competing consoles. The only thing this does in return is get a bunch of trolls entering your otherwise pleasant party, turning it into a flamewar.

For once, I would like to see both sides (wii fans seem to have more class) read their good news, not make a fanboyish comparison, not taunt the other side, and just let the performance of the consoles fight for themselves. Although a lot of you guys don't see it, there is room for all three consoles. I currently have a PS3 and a 360 and my younger brother has a wii. I love them all, but all this bragging and sh!t talking does is make people want to take sides. And the side I tend to take temporarily is the side against the instigators.

Oh, don't get me wrong the 360 fanboys are just as guilty. But the sad part is, a few idiots are always there to ruin a good thing for everyone. Don't believe me? I challenge you, for 1 day don't do any flaming and just read the threads/post and you will easily be able to pick out the flamer that get's it all started.

For instance in this thread right off the bat "Hydrolex" took the low road with "If you are an Xbox 360 fanboy don't get mad just name some good exclusives in 2008." and jiggyjay immediately followed up with the match to light the fuse that Hydrolex brought to the party.

Once again, this is just my observation. I don't know about the majority of you, but I have had it with all of this sh!t talking and console bashing. Please folk..."Can't we all just get alone?"

drewdrakes3951d ago

Ask and you shall receive:

Alan Wake
Banjo-Kazooie 3
Fable 2
Halo: Chronicles
Halo Wars
Too Human
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Stargate: Worlds
Project Offset
Ninja Gaiden II
Kingdom under Fire:COD
Sacred 2
World in Conflict
Universe at War
Warhammer: March of Chaos

Does Console Exclusive count?

Warhound !!!!!

There are more, I just did a quick search.

marionz3951d ago

im not a fanboy, i have a 360 but wouldnt get mad over ps3 having exclusives, but there is only a few on your list that interest me as a gamer, and UT isnt exclusive

exclusives im looking forward to as a 360 owner

banjo kazooie
halo wars
splinter cell conviction
fable 2
ninja gaiden 2
too human
alan wake

and heaps more too

both consoles have som great exclusives coming in the next year, MS needs a game like R&C though, maybe kameo 2?

Bubble Buddy3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

buddy, casual gamers might outnumber us but thats just it, they're casual gamers. they don't buy friggin 50 games ... thats why i think wii might not be a big winner as ppl might say it might be. once everyone has a wii, that's it. they won't buy a lot of new games

back to the games, everyone wins if they chose the console of choice for the games they want to play, thats why i hose ps3. i really really want splinter cell: conviction and fable 2 though.

lessthanmarcus3951d ago

Only 360 game I'm kinda looking forward too is Halo Wars. And it's not even made by bungie so it's a flop. CANNOT WAIT for Little Big Planet, MGS, Tekken, Gran Turismo, and HOME most of all. UT3 should be here soon. 360 had a good two years of gaming I appreciate all the good games. But now its PS3's turn

THAMMER13951d ago

The Game sucks. So does that list of games. Get over it, just like the games career as a rapper. GAME OVER

Quickstrike3951d ago

the 3 im speeking of is MGS 4, FF XIII, and Grand Turismo 5. When the PS1 was launched it wasnt so good it was expensive and was slowly dieing till MGS, FF VII, and GT came out in a span of 12 months then boom PS1's was flying off the shelves. PS2 same thing as PS1, Wasnt doing so good at 1st then boom MGS 2, FF X, and GT 3 also came out in a span of 12 months and it was flying off the shelves. MGS 4, FF XIII and GT 5 also releases in span of 12 months. See a pattern? History is repeating its self so if you think that the PS3 is doomed then you are either a xbot with his head up Gate's a$$ or are too stupid to see the big picture.

Mwaan3951d ago

Great list. And bubbles for just about the only mature response to Hydrolex's question. The 360 lineup goes toe to toe with the PS3 lineup. I don't know what the sony guys are smoking. Games like Ninja Gaiden 2, Fable 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, and Halo Wars are going to sell millions. And that doesn't even include the games Microsoft will reveal at E3. Ahem! Gears of War 2. Nothing against the PS3 lineup. It looks good too. I hope we see God of War 3 at E3. Now that's a system seller.

supnub53951d ago

50 cent owned lil wayne

dragunrising3951d ago

Everyone that had to make a list of all the games their worshiped PS3 will get within the first comment. Get a life.

godofthunder103950d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

you're trying to say that the 360 doesn't have any exclusives coming out in 2008,well i like to know where in the hell have you and the rest of the sony fanboys been ,either you and the rest were sleeping or you and the rest don't want to admit the games that's coming out for the 360 in 2008 that exclusives like

1-dark messiah of might and magic
2-halo wars
3-Kingdom Under Fire™: Circle of Doom
4-Lost Odyssey
5-Ninja Gaiden® 2
6-Too Human™
7-splinter cell conviction
10-house of dead
12-Infinite Undiscovery
13-All Points Bulletin
15-Project Offset
16-banjo kazooie
17-Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures
18-Beautiful Katamari
19-Age of Pirates: Captain Blood
21-Ancient World Online
22-Dead Island

are damn good games eand they have more to and on top of that i'm not counting xbox live games,so i agree that the ps3 has tripple a games coming out next year but the 360 has just as many as the ps3 and it's about time you stop acting childish and bias and admit the truth instead of not telling the truth ,so you can make the ps3 look better,and by the way look at all the role playing games,don't they look good,OH! i forgot they would be tripple a games if they were on the ps3 but their on the 360 so according to you they are not good but if they were on the ps3 you would be posting and bragging all over the internet and you would be the first one in line to buy them.
i'm tired of hearing that the 360 only have shooters when it's not true,hell i was reading an article and it comes in third place behind sports,and action games and that's a fact,look it up and you will see.i'm also tired of hearing that halo 3 is halo 2.5 because the fact is it's a damn good game and broke not only sell records for games but all intertaimnent and sony never came close to that so the way i see it all ps3 fans are jealous and if it was on the ps3 all of them would be saying it's one of the greatest games ever made so shut up about it and just take the beating it put on the ps3.
how do you feel after seeing all of the games that will not be on the ps3,well i know you will come up with some kind od excuse but unlike you i'll admit that the ps3 is a good system and have some good exclusive games because i'm not childish,bias or think that the 360 is a god and perfect like you do with the ps3,hell the 360 does some things better then the ps3 and the ps3 does some things better then the 360,so face it the 360 is here to stay and be a thorn in sonys side and the way it looks it will make you worry till you are grey, so take my advice just play your games and enjoy it and don't worry about any other system or people playing them because no matter how many posts you put up that's not true like the one here claiming that the 360 doesn't have any good exclusives coming out in 2008, it will not stop the sells of the 360 and i'm tired of hearing about the rrod because it's FIXED,get over it and find something else to critize the 360 about if you can. i also read a article below where a sony fanboy said the 360 is dead,hey didn't he hear that the 360 is starting to make a profit and it took sony years to for them to start making a profit with the ps.he also critize the zune but it's starting to catch on,hell it out sold the ipod for the first time on black friday and they both had sales but the new zune have the same features as the i pod and more and on top of that you could buy a 30gb zune for the price of an i pod that's less then ten
but i wish that the sony fanboy could tell me why they want a japanese company to beat an american company especially when 2 writers from game magazines in japan were interviewed and asked why the 360 just can't seem to sell well in japan and they said that japanese are proud of their country and buy japanese products when they can support their own economy and they especially hate to buy american products.well they might not be proud of the U.S, even when the U.S has a dum ass as president and the majarorty of the people are embarresed of him including me,i'm still proud of my country just like the japanese are and i buy american products when i can to support the U.S and i try not to buy anything from sony if i can .

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gamesblow3952d ago

Ratchet and clank
Eye of judgment
Heavenly Sword

There's 6 of them... Unreal Tournament 3 and Haze are probably 2 more. So that's 8... I just have a hard time seeing Ps3 have 20 exclusive games that we don't already know about. Yet, I can't think of anymore at the moment, either. Strange...

shmee3952d ago

read the article

IT says 15 ps3 games in DEVELOPMENT

WAR_MACHINE773952d ago

ok the games they are talking about are:

September through December exclusives include:
1. Heavenly Sword 9/12
2. Folklore 10/9
3. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction 10/23
4. Eye of Judgment 10/24
5. NBA 08 11/2
6. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune 11/20
7. Time Crisis 4 11/20
8. Unreal Tournament III 12/10

Exclusives still to come during early 2008…
9. Haze
10. LittleBigPlanet
11. Killzone 2
12. SOCOM: Confrontation
13. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots
14. SingStar
15. MLB 08

gamesblow3952d ago

I'm an idiot, yet ... They list the same games I did in their editorial run down. Let's split the hypocrisy with an axe next time.

nix3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

you're broke all the time! LOL!

EDIT: @whoever disagreed.

i was being sarcastic. they all are great games dude.. and yes! i'm gonna be broke too. q:

Siesser3951d ago

Sony's always been big on information black-outs. Given the number of studios they have alone, and assuming all are busy, I can see this working out. And then there are third party games, like Heavy Rain, they can come out in the next 4-5 months as well (although I doubt it'll make that date).

One game that they've kept hidden with amazing tenacity is Team Ico's next game; which sadly is one of the three most important games for me this generation, along with Heavy Rain and Project Offset.

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Noodlecup3952d ago

So games aren't exclusive if they're on PSP too? but games like Halo, Gears & Bioshock ARE? The gaming media needs to take the d!ck out of their ass and make an unbiased article.

WAR_MACHINE773952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

I say that since everyone counts GRAW 1 as exclusive because they are all different then PSP doesn't count. PSP games are NEVER the same as their console counterparts.

mikeslemonade3952d ago

Killzone sounds like it may come out in April or May, but that's too close to the early 08 beta. My bet is that Killzone comes out in September.

Kaneda3951d ago

I think KZ2 is coming next Holidays... I think most PS3 owners already expected it. But watch when the news comes out... xbots will jump all over it... and start bashing like there is no tomorrow...

KidMakeshift3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

Little Big Planet and MGS4 are the only 08 exclusives in that list that I'm interested in.

There's also White Knight Story, WarDevil, Fifth Phantom Saga, Way of The Samurai 3, Infamous, Yakuza: Kenzan, The Getaway 3, Disgaea 3 (if anyone cares), GT5, Afrika, Eyedentify, Tekken 6, The Agency (exclusive on console but also on PC), Redwood Falls and possibly Final Fantasy 13 (crosses fingers) coming out in 08. That's off the top of my head, so I'm sure there is more.

The sequels for Motorstorm and Resistence will most likely show up next year as well.

Next year is multiplatform heavy:

GTA4 / Saint's Row 2 / Borderlands / Prototype / Alone In The Dark / Devil May Cry 4 / Silent Hill 5 / Condemned 2 / Hellboy / Legendary: The Box / Resident Evil 5 (supposedly) / Ghostbusters + Time0 / Rainy Woods / Indiana Jones / The Club / Bionic Commando / Midnight Club / Dead Space / Dark Sector / Golden Axe / Viking: Battle for Asgard / Rise of The Argonauts / 2 Days to Vegas / Turok / Saboteur / Harker / Fracture / Fallout 3 / Ironman / Army of Two / Mercenaries 2

Just to name a few

Death to multiplatform. It only stifles the games potential.

lessthanmarcus3951d ago

I agree, kill the multiplatform games. Just pick a console and fine tune it for that system. If someone wants that game they'll buy the system