Nicolas Studios Releases Trailer Exploring Environments For Upcoming OnLive Game Afterfall: InSanity

Nicolas Studios has recently released a video highlighting the environment of their upcoming title, Afterfall: InSanity, which has been confirmed for OnLive. Afterfall: InSanity is set to release this Friday November 25th for PC, but the OnLive release date has yet to be announced. This trailer reveals the amazing environment of this post-apocalyptic game set in 2035 after World War III.

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ninjahunter2377d ago

Why have i not heard of this game?! It looks sick! Deadspace meets resident evil meets fallout? Time to put my gaming lappy to work :)

fooxy2377d ago

Download demo and u will quickly change mind, this is gonna be a classic Dead Island case.Great trailers followed by poor game

zornik2377d ago

Dead Island was one of the best games for me in 2011.Sometimes a 'broken' game is not that bad...we need to wait for reviews and give it the benefit of the doubt.

Jaydepps2377d ago

I think Afterfall: InSanity will live up to the expectations. The game looks great, and everything I have seen up to this date hasn't changed my opinion.