Playstation 3 Turns Into Useless Brick After Firmware Update 2.01

Via Ripten:

"Starting last week, PS3 owners started reporting that their next gen console would not read their Blu-Ray discs. Some users reported that their PS3 would not even read DVD's. All reports started to come in after gamers made the upgrade to 2.01."

NOTE: The link to where the complaints are clearly documented is included in the article.

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gamesblow3825d ago

does it? Wow... mine still runs like a top. So, I guess... maybe 2.01 doesn't turn ps3 into a useless brick, huh?

shmee3825d ago

all ps3 owners are having 0 probs with 2.01 except the VIRAL MS MARKETERS who dont actually own ps3s

Nostradavis3825d ago

I think this site has a serious problem on its hands. Complaints like this by console owners that have been documented will never make this site (on either side) because the hate level is too high on N4G.

It is a shame that you people (and this does not mean everyone) are guilty of suppressing news much like the government and certain media outlets we all like to bash. It really is pathetic to watch all the fanboys come to each others aid.

I have posted news about the Wii, the PS3, and the 360, some positive some not. I am fortunate to own all consoles and simply because you may not own them all does not mean that you need to bash others.


gamesblow3825d ago

what the hell are you on about? What does that mean, any of it? I didn't say anything about any other system here. I simply stated the facts... The article implies all ps3's are bricks after 2.01 and that's not true, cause mine is running just like it was over a year ago now when i bought it. Like a top!

shmee3825d ago

firstly their writing styles are EXACTLY same and both are XBOTS who post misleading articles on PS3

someone should do an IP check

cant believe that this article is approved?

deeznuts3825d ago

Mine works fine too, but I thought the definition of a brick is dead, kaput, brick. While people might have problems with reading discs with the update, they can do another update right? So it's technically not a brick, just can't read discs at the moment?

Or are we changing the definition of a "brick?"

sonarus3825d ago

this is an extremely misleading article. my ps3 works fine and i did do the update. This should be a rumor or question mark as this is in no way proven that there is a direct link between the fW and the ps3 bricking. Anytime fw is updated there are always a bunch of ppl that blame ps3 issues on the firmware. Just like blaming halo for brickin 360's. 360's are built faulty jst cus it bricked when u were playin halo dnt mean halo is d cause scaring gamers frm buyin halo so they 360 wnt brick

AddisonW3825d ago Show
Agriel3824d ago

it can't be "bricked" if it turns on, bricked means the thing is dead won't power on nothing. Thats why they use the word "bricked" so wtf is this site on about. I've been seeing a lot of crap rolling out of Ripten lately all of it with a negative spin at Sony, and they seem to be the only ones posting these "Articles". My Ps3 runs fine

THC CELL3824d ago

better than a used tampon 360

my ps3 is fine

MikeGdaGod3824d ago

xbots are the worst people on earth

oh and my ps3 works fine after the update

PimpHandHappy3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Derek Matias

looks like he is 18 and we all know 18yr olds are fools. I wonder if he will be allowed to post more blogs on this site after this joke

btw ZUK

you help prove this site is filled with angry little ppl. How can anyone agree with what you said? Is the 360 more usefull when its being sent back? The only ppl that would ever agree with what you said are the same ppl that agree with the article and 100% of those ppl dont own a PS3 because if they did they would know there is no problems

Real Gambler3824d ago

You posted this article, you complained about people bashing other consoles when none did, you said you own all three consoles, but nowhere, did you say anything about your PS3 not working anymore...

I know that if I would have posted such an article, instead of somehow assuming that people were bashing other consoles, I would have just replied: "Like most people and as expected, my PS3 as not bricked". You didn't. Is it me, or this makes you look like you don't have much PS3 love? Maybe your just a rich spoiled baby who can afford all three consoles, buy can't get the PS3 box open because you have no clue how to break the seal on the box? I'll give you a clue: Use a kitchen knife, and please enjoy your PS3, you will see, it will still be working after 2.01!

CrashSharc3824d ago

Mine works just fine! and I did all the FW updates... so I don't why some people are having problems.... maybe they didn't buy enough games!? lol!

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Zhuk3825d ago

It's more useful after it's bricked

Lord Cheese3825d ago

Please shut up. Your comments are just the kind of thing that ruins this website - unless you can come up with a sensible comment about the article, surely its better not to post at all.

Comments like that give xbox owners a bad name.

mikeslemonade3825d ago

It sounds like this guy is either purposely trying to break his PS3 to get a new one or the PS3 was faulty to begin with. I've been playing Madden, Ratchet, COD4, and watching movies from Netflix since the update and no problems. Let's all neg Zhuk for his useless comments.

g-nome3825d ago

I'm sure Ms can build new HQ out of all the bricked 360's out there.... my ps3 is working fine tx

Psynapt1k3825d ago

Oh yes it's Zhuk again! the only thing bricked around here is your BRAIN! Find another site to post your XBOT memes on!

rubarb233824d ago

since ps3 produces nothing but average games, you might as well use it to grill your burgers.

rofldings3824d ago

Since the 360 does nothing but RRoD, you HAVE to use it as an egg fryer

rubarb233824d ago

lol, i guess people like egges more than burgers huh, cuz anyway you look at it 360 is still kicking the sh!t out of you psh!tty 3. what's your comeback? ps3 is killing 360 in japan/europe? wow, so what? the overall sales of 360 pwns ps3 and that's what matters bud.
anyways i'm about to grill some steak on my friend's ps3, how do you like your steak? well done? medium? rare?

skitzoid3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

and the reason why I rarely waste my time posting. How someone like you that does nothing but spew venom maintains 5 bubbles speak volumes to the credibility of the people that frequent this site.

The saddest part of it is you have nearly 10 people that agreed with your remarks. Sad indeed.

Real gamers don't care what name is on the console but the "games" those consoles play. Without question I my 360 gets more play time than my PS3 (currently) but both systems have great games. To be totally honest I can't believe any 360 consumer would want this crap posted considering how horrible the failure is (possibly was. only time will tell) for the 360.

CrashSharc3824d ago

That explains everything!!! So THAT'S why you like the xbox so much! Cuz it's fun factor improves tenfold after it's RROD'd!! Soryy dude, before I thought you were just a retarded xbot. Have fun playing RROD :) I hear there's no MP features though :( just SP. But it's still getting great reviews... go figure...

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Jdash243825d ago

nope.......mine still works fact, i noticed it reading a cd better after the update...(before the update, an error occured while trying to recieve cd info, after the update it was retrieved instantly without any problems)

actas1233824d ago

Mine works like a champ. I really don't know why those xbox fans are always trying to get back at sony for their console problems. Shouldn't they be mad at Microsoft...
I think the firmware that caused some trouble was firmware 2.00 (which by the way only lasted less than three days then Sony updated it to 2.01 and there were not problems since then.

Sevir043825d ago

it's something that has happened. similar to the issues i was having soon after i updated to 2.00

My PS3 and a few others here on this site would freeze while playing various demo's or just lock up while trying to go online to access the PSN or buddy list. and others couldn't even have multiplayer access to various games on the PSN... they're research department though should be awarded. simply because with every major update comes stability issues and they become quick to fix it once it's discovered.

which is why sony has released countless update to fix the system. so with this happening expect firmware 2.02 to keep the system under stable and this problem should be addressed rather soon.

PS. i hope this happens to no one here on this site owning a PS3 or planning on owning one in the near future, and if it has already happened i feel your pain and just know that Sony will remedy the situation with a firmware update soon to follow.

Nostradavis3825d ago

Thank you for being able to think logically. Have a bubble.

The Wood3825d ago

but the article is misleading because from my understanding 'bricked' is dead. I would be as ignorant to say that nobody's machine has died just because mine and everybody else i know machines fine but bricked sounds like more viral to me

Shaka2K63825d ago

Fixable with a new update.

is the RROD fixable with a new update?

LMAO negative.