Ken Levine criticises video game storytelling

BioShock Infinite creative director Ken Levine has criticised video game storytelling.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Levine explained that many video games overdo storytelling by including too much information.

"People tend to overdo it with their story and not strip it down to the bare minimum," he said. "There is a rule that you start the scene as late as possible.

"When two people are going to discuss their divorce, you don't start with them waiting outside, going inside, picking up their menus - you come in at the last possible moment while also giving all the information required in the scene, and then you end it as soon as you can."

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Trainz2344d ago

Oh look its the guy that made 1 game this gen and is criticising other devs again after telling them to go f*ck themselves a few weeks ago.

Animals_as_Leaders2344d ago

You only have 1 bubble but in order to ensure that comments like yours are kept to a minimum I'm giving you negative feedback.

dgonza402344d ago

that one game happens to be my favorite..

the twist was incredible, and the atmosphere was fnatastic.

Hufandpuf2344d ago

Who or what the hell is he talking about?

kevnb2344d ago

this is so true, story telling in video games is mostly terrible now.

Nac2344d ago

About time we had someone trying to push more than just graphics forward in this medium...

Harelgur2344d ago

This is Ken Levine, hes like Chuck Norris of the gaming industry. and he's right.

RBLAZE19882344d ago

He's not...He's full of himself and the industry and hipsters are up his ass. There is no right way to tell a story. There is no set rule or structure. You have to look at your audience, what kind of story you want to tell and most importantly, what kind of game you are making in terms of genre, immersiveness guys gotta stop holding all these guys up on pedestals and start realising that it's not just one guy that creates games...stop making them figure-heads and sucking up everything they do while snubbing all other games and or developers.

Harelgur2344d ago

He never said theres one way to tell a story.
He criticises those who cant do it right. most games today suck at storytelling.

Tony P2344d ago


He's not the Source or anything, but raises great points if you understand anything at all about what it takes to tell a story in a medium that is both interactive and often non-linear.

A *lot* of people don't.

Including these Hollywood writers many publishers hire to write up a plot.

RBLAZE19882344d ago

So, what you're saying is that, by criticising other methods for not doing it correctly and then laying out the method that he uses and saying it's "the rule" he's not saying that it's the one way to do it?? Uhh ok

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