Can You Trust A Video Game Site That Runs Video Game Ads?

The recent firing by Gamespot of long time writer Jeff Gerstmann over a less than favorable review of Kane & Lynch poses a good question to video game enthusiasts, can you really trust a site that accepts advertiser money from the company making the game they review?

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MK_Red3915d ago

There is really no problem with having ads of the game you're going to review. The problem is if those ad providers/ sponsers DO affect the review.
I've seen this happen in some movie sites (Reviewer favoring a movie that they are advertising and praising it beyond it's worth). Is GameSpot's story the same case? Only time will tell.

Charlie26883915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

I think in the case of GS things are worse but at same time more obvious, for example in the majority of gaming sites you see adds of some sort but are usually "small" and you know they are just well..adds..BUT THEN you see GS where for adds they use the WHOLE F-CKING background of the site and you even have a sh!t load of "features" about certain games like in this case there was this Kane and Lynch trailer mixer thingy or the "meet the makers of Kane and Lynch" add that no matter what page you went it was don't need to know rocket science to know a SH!T load of money has been invested on those advertisements and promos and like I said before the Publisher the more money he puts the more he will want in return...and CNET LOVES money

MK_Red3915d ago

Good point. The whole GS is K&L now but I'm pretty sure it's from CNet's pressure.
Still, you said nothing but truth: CNET LOVES MONEY.

gamesR4fun3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

when the ads influence the reviews then your just another biased sack o poo..
GS is bad but so are a lot of the other big ones like 1up... they just arent has stupid tho dumb reviewers seem like the norm at these kinda shody review sites...

INehalemEXI3915d ago

That game probably does blow ... Raises a mug to Jeff's review.

Nostradavis3915d ago

I agree. I have heard nothing good about the game, and writers should be allowed to speak their mind. Consumer reports is successful because they have the trust of their readers.

If the big sites start getting exposed for stuff like this, look out.

TheHater3915d ago

Who cares. Play a game or not play a game because you want to play it or not want to play it. Don't play or not play it because a video game "Review" site said it was good or bad. I buy my games them because they look fun to me, even if most people say it not, or a reviewers say it crap.
All reviews shouldn't be trusted, because they are using their opinion on a game as a review.

Wolfmoonstrike3915d ago

How gamespot does it? No. For example though there is a ad at the top of the page(currently) I don't think they are biased so I would trust them on products(not that they do that here or ever should)but how gamespot does it is fill up the whole Fing background and site. sorry but I can not trust that.

greenenvy3915d ago

that's why I stopped going to gamespot a long time ago and told everyone to keep away........

they're extra odd, review scores never match....

assassins creed a 9.0 was a payoff by ubisoft....

and u have to admit, despite kane & lynch being 7.8 worthy the review was awful it didn't deserve a 6 and gerstmann was absolutely terrible in the video review especially.....

there is no question sites like that are biased, often racist and are the last place you go to in order to get reviews.

if u want a REAL review, go to

boycott everything gamespot. TIM is gone now too, hopefully the whole site just gets roto-rootered....

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