BioWare Cancelled Mass Effect-Type Narrative Action IP

NowGamer: Online CV reveals cancelled AAA project.

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Feckles2347d ago

Everyone forgets how bad MDK 2 was. I'll never forget.

TimmyShire2347d ago

So many 'AAA projects' are cancelled in development that we never hear about. This isn't a surprise.

Kiriel2347d ago

No they didn't. They called it Dragon Age 2 (which many of us call "failed game of the year").

pctrollv42347d ago

i would rather have played this, unfinished, bugged out and with only one level than the absolute turd shitty whack ass fuck ass hoe of a game they decided to call dragon age 2 which they dare charge 60 bucks on PC! An insult to the first one which is one this gens greatest rpgs.

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