EA Trademarks 'Secret Island', 'Blacked Out' And 'Prison Kings'

NowGamer: Electronic Arts registers upcoming game names?

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TimmyShire2286d ago

Secret Island - sounds like an Uncharted style adventure game.
Blacked Out - probably an FPS, maybe like FEAR.
Prison Kings - DLC for Dragon Age 2 maybe?

Feckles2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Secret Island – find-'em-up adventure on iPhone
Blacked Out – find-'em-up adventure on iPhone
Prison Kings – find-'em-up adventure on iPhone with a level set in the prison showers. And no, you won't find anything up there.

fastrez2286d ago

New IP is always good.

The Meerkat2286d ago

I keep forgetting who we are supposed to hate.
Is it still Activision or are we back to hating EA?

younglj012286d ago

Secret Island - Some type of survival game
Blacked Out - Shooter maybe 3rd peason
Prison Kings - Adventure or Open World

Always glad too see new IPs hopefully these are released on tha PS3 and 360

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