gamrReview: Saints Row: The Third Review

"It’s easy to overlook a game like Saints Row in a holiday filled with massive epics like Skyward Sword, Skyrim, and Uncharted 3, but that would absolutely be a mistake. It is a genuinely different experience, which in many has surpassed its source material in sheer quantities of ridiculous over-the-top fun. Saints Row: The Third isn’t meant to be high art, or an epic narrative. It’s made to be ridiculous, balls-to-the-wall, stupid fun, and in spite of a few missteps, it absolutely succeeds." - gamrReview

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swirldude2429d ago

If the Fun category existed, this game would get a 10 in that. Too awesome for words.

Tanir2429d ago

game is Soooo fun, i normally dont even beat GTA gammes, but this game is so fun, over the top and they actually put so much effort into the voice acting, 6 different actors all reading the script is very nice actually.

its great and i am def gonna buy this game, just rented it for a day and it needs to be kept!

ssb31732426d ago

Same, cant believe i have to wait till christmas

ssb31732426d ago

This looks to be a decent game, can't wait for my copy