First-Person Perspective: A Bad Case of the Sequels

Reid McCarter writes: "The fall of 2011 is an exciting time for a lot of ladies and gents who love playing videogames, and for good reason — there are a whole lot of quality-looking titles currently having last-minute wrinkles ironed out or the shrink wrap finally slapped over their jewel-cases. Despite all of this, I’m not as pumped for the season as I probably should be (full disclosure: I do enjoy playing high-quality-looking videogames) and can’t seem to feel the same sort of anticipation I did in other times when lots of good releases were looming on the horizon. At first I assumed it was just me being cynical (maybe it is just me being cynical), but then I started thinking about the games that everyone else was looking forward to, and it all started to become clearer."

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