Gaming on the Big Screen: Future Movies based on Games

Yahoo Games writes: "Historically speaking, video game films belong on Hollywood's F-list. Time and again we're fooled into thinking that our beloved game franchises will sparkle on the silver screen, only to watch second-rate studios and terrible scripts deliver straight-to-DVD performances. Yes, Uwe Boll, we're looking at you.

But perhaps the tide is turning. Recent pictures based on Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil performed admirably at the box office, as is the current Hitman flick. Hollywood is certainly paying attention -- it's time we did, too. Here's a rundown of some of the biggest game-to-film adaptations currently in the works."

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RuffledLays3914d ago

Aren't Halo and Gears semi-officially canned at the moment? And seriously who'd make a movie out of Gears of War? The game's premise is ridiculous enough as it is and has just enough story to fill a business card at best.

Halo at least has a big enough universe to fill a 2 hour movie, although I still don't want to see it, considering all the movies based on games have been really, really screwed up.

MK_Red3914d ago

Theri descriptions are uber awesome. Halo: Independence Day meets Rambo! and others...

Bull5hifT3913d ago

if sony and konami teamed up to deliver Silent Hill: the movie
which was really well done and looked exzactly like the game

i cant wait till konami and sony release metal gear solid:the movie

too bad clint eastwood is to old, or that the new james bond looks nothing like solid snake, he always mentioned he favored the old Clint Eastwood movies and 007 series of movies' and thats where snake was thought up from

It would have been awesome to see clint eastwood as snake, maby his son looks like him

Bull5hifT3913d ago

im stuck playing silent hill:origins, im at this motel and i need to find numbers to put an a roledex thingly all i got is ??/12/???? i hate having to go cheat

my brothers looking forward to the 5th game on his 360

i ws excited about metal gear solid but after playing call of duty 4 :story mode and online''.... i dont think anything could beat that