Why Rocksteady Should Make a Sherlock Holmes Game

Brock Poulsen has some excellent ideas for a new Rocksteady game, along with some great ideas for Batman DLC. These ideas aren't based on any rumors or evidence; in fact, there is some pretty significant evidence that he's wrong, at least about the next Batman game. Rather, these are some ideas he's dreamed up based on the expertise Rocksteady has shown with the Dark Knight's adventures.

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LOGICWINS2308d ago

O..M..G, good idea. Rocksteady has proven that they are good with stealth/detective games.

kube002308d ago

Could be fun, would it tie into the movie?

brockst4r2308d ago

I figure it could tie into the movie interpretation, but the timing could be independent so they're not tied to a movie release schedule. If it were ever even a possibility :)

LondonMediaOS2308d ago

I didn't even fathom that idea...
Wouldn't be too far fetched.

urwifeminder2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

They would americanise it too much hollywood style,we would end up with a michael bay sherlock as a fan of sherlock holmes more than rockstar this would suck lots i really enjoyed jack the ripper look forward to the next game. Compared to brit tv shows of sherlock the movie was terrible.

Adexus2308d ago

Rocksteady are a British developer, the chances of them Americanising it are quite slim.

urwifeminder2308d ago

For some reason i thought it said rockstar lol not rocksteady sorry that said the movie was directed by a pom and it sucked.

LOGICWINS2308d ago

^^It's cool. It happens to the best of us ;)

Psychonaughty2308d ago

@urwifeminder Rockstar are also British actually, well the Rockstar that makes the GTA series is anyway, in fact it's based in Scotland which is exactly where Sherlock Holmes stories were created so that could work!

Burning_Finger2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I think Quantic Dream would make it a lot better than Rocksteady.

brockst4r2308d ago

Collaboration! Quantic Dream would do awesome with the crime solving and detective stuff.

LOGICWINS2308d ago

For the most part yeah, but they screw up the combat by overuse of QTEs.

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