Metal Gear Solid 5: “We’ll have to make it” says Hideo Kojima - Official PlayStation Magazine UK

Kojima talks to Official PlayStation Magazine UK about the future of Metal Gear.

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ZombieAssassin2255d ago

Huh? So MGS5 isn't in the works right now, is that what I just read?

Batzi2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Yes you're right!! Nice try OPM but you won't get us buy you're worthless mag by hyping something that doesn't exist! MGS5 IS NOT in development. Thank you OPM for the hype and for the LIE. -_-

Mario0072255d ago

and yet it was the OPM that told you all this information on their website while it was a lot of gaming blogs that tried to hype up the information last week

morganfell2255d ago

Plenty of people were able to see the fact the timeline doesn't fit.

"The other suspicious item is that Kojima says he has 3 ideas for MGS5. Such comments are meant for pre-planning stages. Unless that is a very old quote then MGS5 may not be the current game on which he is working and will not be here for some 3-4 years whuch would plant it as a next gen title. "

All we do know is that the current title on which he is working is a PS3/Vita game.

crxss2255d ago

It'll happen. Lots of demand for it and we all know Kojima-san caves to people's "requests", happened after 2 and even 3. Anyone remember those death threat letters he received for not going to make another MGS? Put that new FOX engine to good use!

Crazyglues2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Not only did you read that it's not in development you just read that the main man who has been behind the scenes on every MGS game... Hideo Kojima

Will not be designing it, instead he is going to just see what the team comes up with...

I'm sorry but that doesn't sound good at all... -Not to mention if it's not in development yet, then what year is it going to be coming out - 2014?


lastdual2255d ago

Par for the course this gen. Japanese devs seem to love announcing a game 20 years ahead of its potential release date.

Eamon2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

It'd be a bit insulting to the devs at Kojima Productions to say that if Kojima isn't involved at all, the game will turn out bad.

Of course, an MGS game without him may lack the groundbreaking game concepts that the legend known as Hideo Kojima comes up with in each iteration.

But you can't dismiss his studio like that. Kojima has always been the face of his studio and so no other devs have ever had some spotlight. Even Kojima himself says he wants his younger developers to carry on his torch. He just hasn't found anyone worthy of the position yet lol.

It's clear Kojima wants a less intense position in MGS now and wants to concentrate on developing new original titles. It's sad to see him go away but if Kojima can find the right person who is able to conform with his design and creativity, someone who has that unique Kojima flame, then I wouldn't mind seeing Kojima in positions like Executive Producer in future MGS games.

iNcRiMiNaTi2255d ago

Hasn't he been saying that since after MGS2? He won't be heading the next MGS but he ends up being the main guy anyway. I won't fall for it this time

Blogz4Fanboyz2255d ago

eamon: whilst i agree that it is insulting to the devs, it did not stop the majority on n4g from dising mgs:rising for the same reason... oh and because it is on the 360

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Pacman3212255d ago

I knew all that other news about MGS5 being in development was BS. Kojima has already said he is working on some other project, that's enough to get me excited. MGS4 was the perfect ending, i think they should give the series a rest.

Mario0072255d ago

'we'll have to make it' would imply that mgs 5 will happen

Batzi2255d ago

I think you should get yourself a rest. I don't want him to quit doing Metal Gear games. There is nothing wrong in doing 2 different games at a time. Why do you want him to just give up on one of the best series in gaming history? I don't understand you people.

LightofDarkness2255d ago

Agreed, not every series needs to continue on ad infinitum. The series has been wrapped up nicely and should be treated like a classic film series or volume of literature; it can be recreated, remastered or re-imagined in the future, but the original story should remain finished and complete.

Darrius Cole2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

I don't want Kojima to stop making Metal Gear Games. However Kojima should do what normally does. There was nothing wrong with the games he makes. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

If he would normally do a different project now and wait for inspiration before he does a Metal Gear Game, then he should do that. If he would normally start on the next Metal Gear on a specific date no matter how feels, then he should do that.

HardCover2255d ago

"Why do you want him to just give up on one of the best series in gaming history? I don't understand you people. "

Uh, seriously?

Ok. How about so he goes back to work on OTHER games that COULD BE the best series in gaming history? He already struck gold with Zone of the Enders, for example.

You have any idea how AMAZING a new ZoE game would be? Probably not, because you're stuck on MGS, thinking that's all Kojima can bust out.

Pacman3212255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Well said @HardCover.
And @Batzi, i am a huge fan of MGS. MGS3 is my favourite game of all time, and i have completed each MGS game at least 3 times. I completed MGS4 8 times. That's how much i love MGS.
However, i know that Hideo Kojima could make another amazing series, and it would be sad if Hideo only concentrated on MGS when he has the potential to make something different and incredible.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2254d ago

I will agree with that. MGS4 wrapped up the series nicely. I also feel like I should add something that people seem to be forgetting. Solid Snake was quite literally at death's door at the end of that game. Whether there will be more MGS games or not, we've seen the last of Snake.

kane_13712254d ago

the story didn't end in MGS4, you know that, don't you?

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Domer252255d ago

Mgs5===Ps4 launch title

Buying it day one.....

Batzi2255d ago

Most probably it will end up being a PS4 game if and only if Sony announces the PS4 at next year's E3/TGS. Even if they don't, MGS games usually take 3 years to be developed so again most probably it might end up being on the next generation consoles.

Trainz2255d ago

This is good news.
Leave the legacy of MGS in its grave.
And if there has to be a new MGS I hope its a complete reboot.

geddesmond2255d ago

lol yep all this hype for a game thats going to be made at some point lol. I'll probably be dead by then. Thats at least 4 years away for sure.

showtimefolks2255d ago

If its not in development right now than i think its a safe thing to assume that mgs 5 will launch in 2014 along with ps4.

It most likely will be on ps3,xbox720 and wii-u but considering 2-3 years of development, 3 most likely i could see this launching with ps4 and who knows maybe even a timed exclusive but that don't matter

Kojima is MGS if he is not making MGS games they will loose something special so if there is going to be mgs 5 kojima needs to produce/direct it

Hyperbomb692255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

I don't know why you only have one bubble but I completely agree with you.
This new Metal Gear needs to be a real masterpiece and the only way that can happen if its for PS3/Vita.

Disccordia2254d ago

This was obvious. Please check my comment history where I said exactly this on one of the many "mgs5 confirmed" articles.

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Nate-Dog2255d ago

Hahaha this is exactly what I said it'd be, anyone that actually thought Kojima was going to reveal MGS5 to a magazine and like this is deluded. Kojima: the ultimate troll.

Tomonobu Itagaki2255d ago

Is this Kojima that trolled you or the magazines and sites that yelled out everywhere MGS5 was planned?

Nate-Dog2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

No-one trolled me, but they both trolled almost everyone else who worships Kojima and who believes everything they see and hear.

@Batzi: Indeed, common sense didn't prevail for most people, if OPM were to reveal MGS5 to the world wouldn't that the the front page headline? Sometimes I wonder if people actually think about what they read these days.

Batzi2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Kojima never planned to write the headlines on OPM magazine. I think it was the Editor's choice to place Kojima's face on the mag and LIE about Kojima's involvement in MGS5 a game which doesn't exist!

Akiba962255d ago

Now, I'm sad, but a little relieved

Alos882255d ago

So the big announcement was "MGS5? Oh, yeah, that'll probably happen eventually".

ZBlacktt2255d ago

Guess we wont be seeing this until sometime 2015, lol.

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