Sony PS3 beats Nintendo Wii in Japan monthly sales (November)

Tokyo, Nov 30 (Reuters) - Sony PS3 outsold Nintendo Wii in Japan in November for the first time since the machines were launched last year, showing Sony may finally be overcoming a slow start versus its upstart rival.

Sony sold 183,217 PS3s in Japan in the four weeks to Nov. 25, topping sales of 159,193 Wii consoles, said game magazine publisher Enterbrain, a key watcher of trends in the sector.

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Gordii3915d ago

Can you imagine when they have their every hitters out aka 2008 baby the year of the ps3!

shmee3915d ago

XPLOSIVE sales of ps3s in 2008 with MGS 4,WKS,DMC 4,RE5 and FF13

REbirth3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

i don't believe to see the FF13 in 2008...

but MGS4, GT5, GTA4 and may be white knight story will do a big bang in ps3 sales...

the FF13 will be the finishing move in 2009:P and everything great that cames will always be good! games like god of war, UT, still waiting for FF7 remake:P

with that remake i would die happy^-^

in 2008 the force will be with you (ps3)

Real Gambler3915d ago

Think about it... You'll want one before Christmas because there's some awesome games already out... Resistance, Motorstorm, R&C, Heavenly, Uncharted, COD4, EoJ (big fan of this one, sry) and many more, so no need to wait anymore. And sure enough, 2008 looks awesome.

Being an early adopter, I have to admit, I envy people who are buying the PS3 now. Great games to choose from, and awesome future. Only problems they are having is "Which games to get first!"

shmee3915d ago

just to let everyone know

MEDIACRATE tracks 60% of the JAP store sales.

FAMITSU tracks 45% of the JAP store sales

ENTERBRAIN tracks 100% of the JAP store sales

shmee3915d ago

whats their take on this?

gamesblow3915d ago

Strange, the small victories really do add up... hahahah... Sony trounced Japans ass this month. Keep in mind, box boys and nintendrones... Not a 1 RPG is out for the Ps3 yet. Not a native one... Oblivion is a western game and it wasn't well recived on either xbox 360 or Ps3 so far over there.

When White Knight hits, Trust bell... it's over.

mikeslemonade3915d ago

Folklore and Enchanted Arms were on PS3. Also the Japanese like name brands and just because it's an rpg doesn't necessarly mean it's going to sell like crazy in Japan. Resident Evil 5 and DMC4 are among the most anticipated just like White Knight and FF are, so it doesn't have to be the RPGs.

Skerj3915d ago

Yeah but Folklore is mostly an Action Adventure game with RPG elements (like Genji 1), and Enchanted Arms. I own both of them but I don't even think From Software thought the game was going to be stellar. But you're totally right on RE5, DMC4, and White Knight Story. The latter I'm hoping Level 5 delivers on the story, they already nail gameplay down on every RPG they do.

wangdiddy823915d ago

15,000 consoles in japan for the month of nov.?

People over here in the US keep saying the ps3 needs to be saved.. From the looks of it, its the other way around.. The 360 needs saving in other countries other than the US.. PS3 is right on the 360's trail over here in the states.. But its killing the 360 in japan and europe..

The_Engineer3915d ago

xbots and logical intelligence are mortal enemies.

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The story is too old to be commented.