GamingOgre: Dark Souls Review

Dark Souls is an experience. It doesn’t have the setpieces of Uncharted 3 or the dramatic storytelling of Heavy Rain. What it does have is a dense, wonderous world that creates a rich, rewarding experience that is more tense and exciting than you can imagine.

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Resistance_lord2254d ago

Dark Souls and Skyrim have Filled my RPG thirst :)

SockeyBoy2254d ago

I'm still playing Dark Souls, i've told myself i'm not getting Skyrim until i've really explored everything in Dark Souls. But there are so many stories of Skyrim around on *grinds teeth with eye twitching*

Omegasyde2254d ago

Yea but I am at the point where I am tired of grinding for souls. That wolf with the sword took be forever, however some bosses took me only 1 try.

The PVP is well worth it though :)

Baba19062254d ago

i wish they would release a dark souls addon or something.

Omegasyde2254d ago

Knowing Scamco, it will just be different armor. I would rather have new bosses.