World of Warcraft Film to be directed by Paul W.S. Anderson?

Rumors are abound after a recent interview with Paul W.S. Anderson, credited for directing Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil. Paul played the games for days or weeks in order to direct the films. Surprisingly, he commented he is playing a World of Warcraft Alliance character, without further details. Did he hint he will be the World of Warcraft film director? That remains to be seen as no official announcement of a director for the World of Warcraft film has been made either by Blizzard Entertainment or Legendary Pictures.

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Odion3912d ago

because WoW is the biggest online game ever... because there are close to 10 million people who play it right now, and even more who know about it, BECAUSE WARCRAFT WOULD KICK ASS AS A MOVIE 300 STYLE!

sorry for the caps :P

iceice1233912d ago

300 was R. This will be PG13. And it's a fantasy game with magic. This will not be anything nearly as good as 300. I have no hope for this movie, just another crap video game movie coming.

Rooted_Dust3912d ago

Legendary Pictures knows better. This guy has never directed anything that could even be closely considered a success.

barom3912d ago

I dont get why people hate this guy so much. Mortal Kombat (not the sequel which sucked) and Resident Evil series was fairly successful. ESPECIALLY when compared to Uwe Boll's movies. Alien Vs Predator wasn't all bad either.

The only game-based movie that surpasses Paul W.S. Anderson films was that Silent Hill movie (which was also just decent). And maybe, maybe that upcoming Hitman movie.

kydrice3912d ago

wow....yea i had hopes for this movie but if he's directing this is going to the Sh!tter