9.0 Reviews Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Jay writes:

"Let me start by saying I’ve been a fan of the Ace Combat franchise since the games first released on the PlayStation. Though I never owned any until the PS2 titles came out, I did spend a bit of time playing them. Ace Combat was the first title I’ve played that introduced me to flight combat games, and they’ve always been very well done.

But this addition to the franchise is, more or less, a reboot of the series. Gone are the imaginary worlds you played on. Gone are the boss battles. Gone are the super-fortresses at the end of the game. Does this hurt the game at all?"

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twin_rotary2341d ago

I pick this up later. Loved the demo! Great review Jay!

Zardos2341d ago

Haven't tried the game yet but the review really makes it sound like something I should try ASAP.