The Orange Box (PS3) Impressions: Volume Two

Yesterday, Michael Mcwhetor of posted volume one of his impressions of the PlayStation 3 version of Valve's The Orange Box, the one handled by EA UK. It's arriving about two months later than its PC and Xbox 360 counterparts and amid some controversy.

Here is part of what he wrote:

"Having worked my way through the first three chapters of Half-Life 2: Episode Two, I stopped just before one of the episode's key vehicle sequences. This portion of the game was deemed one of the worst, in terms of technical performance. Assessments of those moments are mostly accurate. Yes, the frame rate takes some heavy dips, but at no point did it become unplayable. Slideshow? Nah. At least not for me..."

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PimpHandHappy3914d ago

was just from some fanboy who happens to get paid to give his opinion.

anyway im buying this game

skyline20033914d ago

I probably will 2. Ive already played and beaten HL2 on PC but i need to play EP1 and EP2. TF2... I really dont care about. I didnt like TF1. Portal might be fun, and my sister like puzzle stuff so she'll prally like it too.

SabreMan3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

It seems the apparent broken,unplayable,flawed(inser t any other negative word here)Orange Box PS3 has been slightly exaggerated by some.
It seems to me every slight technical problem/flaw,even frame drop in any ps3 title is jumped upon with far more negativity than any other rival system(especially the supposed gaming press)
Other apparent AAA titles with obvious flaws seem to get overlooked on other consoles (Mass Effect for example) thats fair enough as by all accounts it's a stunning title even "with" it's technical flaws.
However if Orange Box ps3 is released with the odd frame drop it seems to make it all doom and gloom and somehow makes the Orabge box all of a sudden not a AAA ps3 title.

I was always going to buy this game even tho i have completed Half Life 2 and Episode one on my pc i still want to play through them on a Large HD screen with a full DD/DTS 5.1 setup.
Besides that Team Fortress 2,Portal and Episode 2 are worth the price alone so with this in mind it's a must have in my opinion.

So to conclude it seems Orange Box ps3 isn't as broken as many have claimed (judging on this preview) the guy seems unblinkered in his views and very honest. Perhaps some others should take this approach in future !! who knows ??

Enjoy your games irespective of platform !!

PS3 Limps on and on3914d ago

frame rates my ass. People just got use to bashing the PS3 framerates because of Madden 08.

Capt CHAOS3914d ago

The game is best on PC, then xbox360 and then PS3.

aggh im on fire3914d ago

I finished this on the 360 bout a month ago and although its a good game it does show its age abit in the graphic department. The physics are still good though. The vechile sections are quite poor but you get a lot of game for your buck.

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