79.9 Years Is Too Damn Long To Play Call of Duty

In 79 years, I'll probably be dead. So will the vast majority of our readers, save for the little assholes on Xbox Live. For reader Jeremy (not an asshole!), 79.9 years is apparently how long it will take him to reach "Prestige" in Call of Duty.

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Trainz2248d ago

Some people are a waste of human life.

DelusionalMsBot2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

In 80 years he will probably be playing COD 90

younglj012248d ago Show
ChronoJoe2248d ago

Clear misscalculation.

He's prestige 1 of 10 right now. Which took him 25hours, so he can hit 10th prestige in 10 days, not 79 years.

kparks2248d ago

yea this is stupid i havnt messed around much on the elite but u calculate your time yourself you put if i were to play 10 min every week how long will it take me= type stuff this is STUPID what a waste of time DONT READ THE ARTICLE

insomnium22248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )


I played MW3 a bit today at my cousins and I have to admit that I liked it much more than all the previous iterations combined (not counting MW1 ofc). I even feel like playing it right now. One might even say that I'm craving to play it right now. The maps are almost as good as in MW1 this time around.

I need to check out BF3 too since I really loved BC2 (even bought and played the Vietnam dlc thoroughly). I almost platinumed it too. The only trophy I don't have is called demolition man iirc where I have to kill 20 people online with buildings. I'm a few kills off from that but I haven't played it in ages. Why am i telling you this...? Don't ask I have no idea :)

execution172248d ago

ah BC2, me and one of my squad mates actually platinum the game on the same day... >.< I would of gotten it first but he managed to take out the building I was working on and got his last kill, then a few hours later I finally got mine ^^"