New Lady Gaga Tracks Coming to Dance Central 2

Microsoft Studios has announced that two new downloadable songs from pop sensation Lady Gaga will be available tomorrow, 22nd November 2011, for Dance Central 2 on Kinect for Xbox 360. These tracks bolster an already diverse track list of more than one hundred songs available to Dance Central 2 players through on-discs tracks, song importing from the original Dance Central and downloadable songs on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

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FlyGuyHung2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )


Gaga is done...

LOGICWINS2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Yo dawg stop sippin on dat K00-laid. Yallz know Gaga da TRUTH!

Dance Central 2 be WAAAY bettaz dan spending 3 fitty in a club!

Fel082433d ago

Please, get a dictionary.

Fylus2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

@LOGICWINS, God there is so much irony in your name. I'd soon rather have a root canal without anesthesia than have to read another one of your comments.

And hey, Lady GaGa can make however many songs he wants. Alternative Rock bands will just outperform him when they cover his songs. Again.

Outline in Color did a cover of Bad Romance. It's the only version of the song I can bare to listen to.

LOGICWINS2433d ago

^^Sensing sarcasm and humor doesn't seem to be one of your strong points is it?

Noticeably_FAT2433d ago

I think they mean to say more Mr.Gaga is coming to Dance Central. Clearly a dude.

Fel082433d ago

Ok, I will file this under, "who cares".

SockeyBoy2433d ago

says the dude commenting on the article. haha.