A Dovahkiin’s Tale – Skyrim Review

Your first few moments in the gorgeous frozen landscape of the Nordic-inspired Skyrim are in a prisoner’s cart. Entering the small Imperial-held town of Helgren, the citizens stop and stare at you as the motley band of thieves and Nord rebels, known as the Stormcloaks, are marched towards their execution. You pile out of the cart and you watch as one Stormcloak’s head is lopped off. The lone thief in your band makes a run for it as a single arrow cuts him down. Trying to escape is definitely not an option. Stepping in line for the chopping block you will get to craft your character from several different choices of races, skin tones, facial features, etc (GamersHavenNews feel the character customization could have been better but that is just me). Then, you are forced to place your head on the killing block. Just as the executioner prepares to deliver the killing blow, a black, scaly creature descends from the heavens and lights the Imperial procession on fire. Oh snap, it’s a dragon!

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