Gamers Hit In The Coinpurse As Tax Loophole Is Closed -StickTwiddlers

While this may not be your usual gaming article, it is something that will affect all gamers and online shoppers all over the UK. We gamers love a great bargain on our games and as all the purse strings and wallets need to be tightened in current times, we turn to sites like, Amazon and of course our good friends over at Postabargain for a good deal. Well come April 1st 2012, we’ll have to look elsewhere.

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Soldierone2315d ago

Personally think this is entirely stupid. I hate the idea of it being pushed here in the US and absolutely feel bad for the UK, and more than likely that means its coming our way too... :/

My reasoning? States have no right to tax companies that are out of their region, the product isn't coming from them and the company has to already pay to be elsehwere. You want money from every transaction I make? Okay well compensate for the shipping fee's too. Online retailers should have a REDUCED tax that isn't even a third of that of the "actual" tax. Why would anyone buy online anymore if they have to pay a 10 to 12 percent tax on top of the shipping? They won't, and in return you destroy the only places that are growing in this crappy economy.

ProjectVulcan2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Unfortunately this was inevitable once the Government began scouring for ways to increase their tax revenue in the current economic climate.

While the claims this levels the field for all business are partly true, this 'levelling' just means higher cost to the end consumer, only the end consumer really loses out as usual.

To me, someone who orders countless items online that benefit from this 'loophole' this is a major blow for the future of purchases like boxed games.

This will almost certainly lead to more and more online downloadable titles which may not be a terrible thing- but those jobs this will claim to save? They will not last in the face of an even faster uptake of on demand download content as a direct result of this.

kingPoS2314d ago

That's like some kind of bad joke for that to happen on April 1st.
I guess the government got the last laugh on this one.