Why Does Call of Duty Attract Cheating?

TGR look at the Call of Duty series, well known for it's glitches and cheating amongst the XP-hungry community, and come up with the reason why people head to COD to cheat their way to the top.

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BigDan802433d ago

Interesting read. Good to see this with a sensible slant...


didnt bf3 just get a load of players banned for cheating?

BulletToothtony2432d ago

i think they cheat because some people simply never get good at the game, they see some guys own every single match and they get frustrated that the only way they can kill 2 people in a row is by hiding in a corner.

So they cheat, 99% of the cheaters that i've come across that cheat actually suck even while cheating, unless they have a GodMode on they usually just kill me once and after that i learn their weaknesses.

I don't cheat because i don't have to in order to do well, but if i would get my ass kicked time and time again I definitely would consider it.

PoisonedMonkey2432d ago

@BulletToothtony - And that's the problem. People nowadays can't take losing, they're brought up through school being patted on the back for everything, even when things aren't going well they're given a positive slant.

Years later, and competitive situations are ruined because people aren't used to knowing they're not as good as other people.

I'm not having a go at you personally, it's just the state of play for a lot of people nowadays. Fewer and fewer people play games for enjoyment now, instead they look for a chance to show they're better than everyone else.

Agent-862433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Great quote from the article: "The answer is easy. It’s a selfish game. Sure there are team modes, but there’s very little reward for helping your teammates out – if you want the points, you capture the headquarters first, or grab the flag first. While some people might get a kick out of helping out and will enjoy just being on the winning team, a lot of people will obsess about being the name at the top of the list."

That pretty much sums it up right there. COD is a selfish game and, as such, attracts a lot of cheaters, hackers, and people obsessed with their K/D ratio.

ReservoirDog3162432d ago

It could just be such a huge crowd of people play CoD. Big crowds of people eventually act stupid and when you're working with personal gain, it brings competitiveness out of people. Couple a large group of people trying to win and that happens.

The community is usually the worst thing about CoD. The game is solid, the community exploits everything in it.

And therefore, it gets hated cause it's more obvious.

CrimsonEngage2433d ago

Because it attracts morons and children. Which happen to abundant.

Go go gadget flame suit.

AmaZinG2433d ago

The games is played by so many milions that some have to be cheaters...

i play fair every game, i dont do cheats or boost or all that kind of shi*.

sammykiernan2433d ago

Do they though? I see what you're getting at, a small percentage will always cheat so the greater the number of players the more cheating there is, but why can't these assholes just play it as it's meant to be played and leave us to just enjoy the game?


because they are angry at the people who enjoy it and wants to ruin their fun. its simple psychology and stupidity

PoisonedMonkey2432d ago

Because they're jealous about not being better than their friends, performing a glitch is like a badge of honour for some of these people.

Drabent2431d ago

Its already a point~spray~kill game, why not add aimbots and boots that float on air^^