Cool Nintendo 3DS Bundles Arrive on Thanksgiving Day

Nintendo has revealed a couple of new 3DS bundles coming to North America and confirmed the Zelda 3DS bundle.

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grahf2255d ago

That. Looks. Sick.
I stood in line on Black Friday to get the LE Gold Triforce DS Lite a few years back. If I had any faith in the 3DS I'd go stand in line. I just don't, not for the first gen of the 3DS. Maybe next time.

UltimateIdiot9112255d ago

The Zelda 3DS Bundle is tempting but I'm waiting for the revision and the PSVita.

If the bundle is $150, I'll bite but $200 is a bit too much.

bwazy2255d ago

So spend 150 now on a 3DS or wait 2-3 months for the Vita? I'm gonna have to choose the latter on this one.

MasterCornholio2255d ago

Finally some great bundles. However I will wait for the new design before buying one.


PygmelionHunter2255d ago

I wonder if I should just wait for the 3DS redesign... But my god, does that Zelda 3DS look cool!

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