80° Reviews PAIN for the PS3

From the minds of developers Idol minds comes a game that puts its character into a human sized slingshot to cause as much destruction and chaos as possible. PAIN comes to the Playstation Store exclusively with a nice price tag of $9.99. PAIN takes on a area of gaming barely touched by developers and that is comedy genre, in PAIN you will laugh, cry and even cringe at times. The game does try to hit all the comedy elements it can while still keeping Gameplay at heart. So from smashing into giant donuts, to grabbing onto oversized bowling pins there is no short way to cause PAIN.

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Arkham3952d ago

I had such a ball playing just the training for over 2 hours last night.

The wife was really pissed though... It was about 2:30 am and there was a lot of the yelling, concussions, crotch-hits, glass breaking, explosions... Some of those were from the game, too. ;)

aiphanes3952d ago

It also works with the Dualshock 3!! Yes!!!

It is a fun game...

SmokeyMcBear3952d ago

that last part of the drifting turorial was driving me mad, until i found out how to rebound off the exploding crate.. sooo hilarous, the sound effects and voice overs are superb, the styles are a riot.. this game has some potential, i see future downloadable content, mew maps, new areas, more carnage

Marceles3952d ago

The game was really fun last night. I looked at the leaderboard and some people had 6 million points. The most I was able to get was about 1.4 million...I wish I can see their replays, but I love the physics and the "OOCH".

Arkham3952d ago

The "OOCH" reminds me of the SNL "Ride the Snake" sketch. LMAO.

Noodlecup3952d ago

When is this out in Euroland? :(