BBFC Rates Asura's Wrath, Details 7 Hours of Cut-Scenes


"The BBFC have formally rated Capcom's Asura's Wrath. Getting a 15's certificate due to "moderate violence and gore", the rating also reveals that the game will have over 7 hours of cut-scenes."

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ZombieAssassin2345d ago

Wow wasn't expecting the game to have that much in cutscenes, game is looking pretty decent though hope it turns out good.

Canary2345d ago

Considering most games only have 7 hours or so of play time total (INCLUDING cut-scenes) this bodes well.

For length at least.

fei-hung2345d ago

This is the only Crapcom game I am looking forward to (unless they get Platinum Games to make a DMC5).

I just hope it looks and plays every bit as good as the trailers. It looks like a Japanese anima version of GoW and looks to kick ass just as well.

D3mons0ul2345d ago

Well guess what? This isn't a capcom game, it's Cyberconnect 2.

BuffMordecai2345d ago


Guess what, Capcom is the publisher.

D3mons0ul2345d ago

So they have their name on the box, they aren't developing the game.

ZombieAssassin2345d ago

Pretty sure they collaborated on the game yea.

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Burning_Finger2345d ago

Asura's Wrath has changed!!!

GraveLord2345d ago

What? There must be some translation error. There's no way this game has over 7 hours of cutscenes.

Jappy-k72345d ago

freaking awesome! LOVE cutscenes!!

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