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7outof10 writes: "Microsoft's behemoth of a console was important in many ways from a technical perspective (the built-in hard drive and birth of Xbox Live are worthy of a separate discussion), but - lest we forget - it was also a system with a catalogue of games that shone with brief promise before being cruelly dumped for better hardware."

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SJPFTW2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

no knights of the old republic or chaos theory? blasphemy

CaptainMarvelQ82429d ago

A fixed,better version comes nowhere close to the meaning of original

Bellcross2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Jet set Radio isn't originally an Xbox game, the series first started on the Sega Dreamcast as "Jet Grind Radio".
the same for GTA San Andres started on the PS2.

you even mention it in that...

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LostCypher112429d ago

No Kotr? Psychonauts? Crimson Skies? Morrowind? Ninja Gaiden? Forza? all those games are better then half that list

baodeus2429d ago

this list sucks. Pick these:

1. Halo: combat evolve (can't even put flagship title on the list?)
2. Phantom Dust (best game period)
3. Knight of the Old Republic
4. Morrowind
5. Jade Empire
5. Panza Dragoon Orta
6. Forza
7. Psychonauts
8. PGR
9. Crimson Skies
10. Morrowind
11. Otogi
11. Ninja Gaiden
12. Fable 1