Sony Polling for Gamers Favourite Free Gifts

The season of giving will soon be upon us and each hardware manufacturer is preparing to initiative their latest incentives for newcomers and bonuses for their existing audience. Microsoft Studios has recently been making a concerted effort with the Xbox LIVE Rewards scheme, but now it appears that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) are preparing for the next stage in their PlayStation celebrations.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2346d ago

free avatars of our own choice please =)

fear882345d ago

52 inch Bravia 3D tvs please. Send two to my house and one to my place of work. Thanks in advance sony.

norman292346d ago

The best gifts are the ones that unlock stuff for the main games, aka Fortune Hunter games unlocks stuff for Uncharted 3, theres a game that gives you a code for upgrade/unlock points for Killzone 3 (allthough the code didnt work for me :| ) i prefer these as it gives me a reason to pop into Home then i just get distracted in what im doing :)

CloseSecond2346d ago

Sony - how about bringing back the 5 activated systems. Cutting it down to 2 PS3s and 2 PSPs has killed gaming in my household. Free anything does not make up for what you have taken away.

BitbyDeath2346d ago

Sony doesn't read N4G so their is no point in harping on about it here.

HeavenlySnipes2346d ago

the console/handhelds. It doesn't take very long. Are all 5 of them being used at once? lol

FragGen2346d ago

How about free online multiplayer gaming? Oh wait, we get that every day! :)

CloseSecond2346d ago

ummm, not now that you need to buy an online pass to play. Buy a new game and you need to buy the online pass for all other accounts in your home...I have 5 accounts in addition to the primary account. An online pass in NZ is $20.

So no, you can no longer say muliplayer gaming is completely free on PS3.

Redempteur2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

what a cheap argument . first not all the games have online passes , second i dunno why you need to play the SAME GAME on 5 different accounts online ...that's downright stupid.

Third, not all online passes are tied to the account , some are tied to the console ...

CloseSecond2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

My wife and children each have an account. The reason I switched from multiplayer gaming on the 360 was that I was not prepared to subscribe to LIVE for each account so they could have their own stats. Sony's multiplayer pass means I have to pay for them to play online or they all share my account.

Drekken2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

BS. Enough spreading lies. If you actually don't understand how things work maybe you should ask someone before you start to write it on the internet.

You buy a game new and the online is Free. If you buy a game used, you have to buy a pass. Quit buying used and you can't ever say you "pay for online"... which you don't.

Online passes cover all sub-accounts on your system. So instead you just pay for LIVE yearly for all your 360's and you talk about ignorance.

Larry L2346d ago

Anti-online-pass people have absolutely no argument to stand on. Online passes don't cost a dime if you buy new. You don't have to buy it the day it comes out for $60 USD either. Wait till it drops to $20 or $40 if you want, which is what you people have to do when you buy used anyway, right? I mean you're not all so cheap and lame that you wait for the first used copy just to pay $5 less I would hope.Wait for a price drop. The online pass is still in the box as long as it's new and the developers and publishers get their fair share, since they did put in all the work.....not GameStop.

And this guy (who's complaining about online passes) proved he's completely lying anyway, and just trying to be a typical Sony-bashing inter-troll.....pretending he's outraged at Sony for they evil they hath done. He obviously either doesn't have a PS3 or has never had a game with an online pass. Because the fact is, on the list of games I've bought with an online pass downloaded to my main account, every one of those online passes worked with the other accounts on my PS3, and those accounts are even all for other regions. So you're fill of it, dude.

Online passes do nothing negative to the gamer aside from the few seconds of activating the thing. But they do a HUGE positive thing, and that's ensure that publishers and more importanly developers get their fair share of the income that came directly from their hard work.

Redempteur2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

And nothing prevented you from making 1 main account and several sub PSN accounts ( linked to the main one ).

5 online active accounts ? Really ?

Thedudehere2346d ago

thats not true! i bought 3 new games and they all came with a pass that covered every account on my ps3. did you buy a pass for all your accounts without even checking?

radphil2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

"Online passes do nothing negative to the gamer aside from the few seconds of activating the thing. But they do a HUGE positive thing, and that's ensure that publishers and more importanly developers get their fair share of the income that came directly from their hard work."

Nothing negative? Did you not see EA posting their profits of 200+ million for passes, and then about a week later had a huge listing of servers shutting down on various games.

On a side note, I have a colleague work within the industry as a programmer, and they barely see any of that profit if at all. Most of that goes to the CEOs, sometimes the lead positions gets bonuses, but it's not substantial in how you think it is.

While I don't believe that the original person needs a pass on 5 accounts, he's not far off about not all passes being connected to the accounts. Take White Knight Chronicles 2 for example. My sister decided to play the game on her account on my system, and she can't go online despite me already verifying the code on mine.

So again, not EVERY pass covers all sub-accounts. (Though I doubt some people are going to even care to actually check, and instead just slap on a disagree just because)

Redempteur2346d ago


EA passes are the exception, complain to EA not to sony .

Uncharted 3 pass works perfectly fine , so is resistance 3 ..

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Ace_Man_62346d ago

u can take part if u sign up to revieve e-mails from them, I've voted :)

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