Batman Arkham City

Batman Arkham City is a greatly improved sequel of the multi-award winning game Batman Arkham Asylum.Where our hero Batman beats the hell out of the bad guys.The game is set six months after the event of Arkham Asylum.Former Warden Quincy Sharp has been elected as Mayor of Gotham,clear the city from bad guys move the prisoners from Black Gate Prison and from Arkham Asylum to a cordoned off area in the center of the Gotham City and put a giant wall on that area and declared one rule “escape attempts equal death”.This is Arkham City.The facility is run by Hugo Strange and Batman’s job is to check the Arkham City and see what is happening in the City.There is not only just Joker in this game other most popular foes of Batman that is Two-face,Mr.freeze and Penguin also tries to take over Arkham City and control territories for themselves.There is almost every character of the series available in the game and every popular location but you should search them yourselves i won’t spoil you...

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great game that is worthy of this score, nice