Uncharted 3 : Drake’s Deception – PS3 - Review -

Uncharted 3 : Drake’s Deception is another brilliant entry in Nathan’s on-going pursuit to find the world’s several lost treasures. Once again, Nathan Drake is in pursuit of lost treasure in a cryptic land. The plot comprehends many of the similar images from the previous games deceit, twists, comradeship. Though the bats and deadbolts of the story have never been Uncharted’s firm points.

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supremacy2314d ago

I will always welcome this type of score for this game, over others.

kikizoo2314d ago

everydays, more and more 10/10...but not on metacritic :)

supremacy2314d ago

Yeah I hear what you are saying but i aint worred about it, as far as I am concern the game is holding its own even without these perfects being thrown into the equation.

That says something.

Laxman2312d ago

Again, more of your 'lolzorg not on Metacritic cause thats biased because they dont love PS3 as much as me' comments.

Are you aware of how many of these small websites give games 10/10? If they were all on metacritic, there would hundreds (literally) of 10/10's for almsot every big game released this year. You would still be butthurt becuase your favourte games would still be rated lower than others becuase they would all be getting just as many new perfect scores.

ZBlacktt2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Beat the game twice in 3 days ( normal and crushing ). Got the plat trophy then as well. It was all over so fast this time around. Where UC2 seemed much longer and harder for sure on crushing. The puzzles in UC3 where so easy I didn't even have to look any up to figure them out. Then to have all of chapter 18 just be some long drawn out walk in the desert. A 10? Not so sure about that. The story seemed all over the place. Are we here to rescue Sully all the time or go find this artifact. The game pretty much dumped Chloe and Elena this time around too. As both play a little role in the whole game.