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Coming late to a long running gaming series can mean many things; refined mechanics, additional gameplay modes, a robust multiplayer community maybe. There can also be downsides, an outdated engine or the absence of any idea whatsoever in how the main themes of the plot are actually working. Apart from luminaries such as the Ultima and Might & Magic series (and intentionally ignoring sports franchises) the Western industry doesn’t really ever give gamers the option to jump in at game number twelve. The East, however, excels at producing such series with many names such as Final Fantasy and Resident Evil (Biohazard!) familiar to the Western market. One that you probably haven’t heard of however (unless you lived in the States around ’92 and owned a TurboGrafx-16, or imported some of their incorrectly numbered LoH PSP ports) is the Legend of Heroes saga, now up to number ten counting a couple of spinoffs. Coming to Europe for the first time, Ghostlight are giving you the opportunity to boot up your PSP and jump in with Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, the sixth game in the series. Grab a cuppa and a few biscuits, because with at least fifty hours of ‘core’ play and compelling mechanics you are going to be there a while...

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Inception2311d ago

I never tired to say this over and over again:

If you really loved RPG and don't really care what the western media said about JRPG quality this day, than The Legend of Heroes - Trails in the Sky is a MUST PLAY!