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Amazon Black Friday Deals Week Kicks Off, Monday Sale Features Epic Adventure Games


"While Amazon has been in Black Friday Countdown mode over the last week, things begin to heat up on Monday with the official kick off of 'Black Friday Deals Week'. Today, get ready to set off on epic adventures and quests." (Black Friday, Nintendo DS, PC, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360)

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ThrazN7  +   878d ago
not that great. LA noire is a great deal
thugfears  +   878d ago
LA noire sucks
fluffydelusions  +   878d ago
Sucks is harsh but definitely repetitive and I got sick of it after a while.
ThrazN7  +   877d ago
It did not suck. you probably expected a gta or rdr
KillaManiac  +   878d ago
Dragon Age 2 and Bioshock 2 were publicly accepted as meh, but for that price I recommend both.

Especially Bioshock 2...I personally loved anything Bioshock related.
Kalowest  +   878d ago
I thought Bioshick 2 was going to be meh, but after playing the MP and SP it was really great.
zeeshan  +   877d ago
Bioshock 2 is an so under rated. It's a great game!
jeseth  +   877d ago
Dragon Age II also. People, I think, forget that the story has little to do with the 1st game except it occurs along a close timeline with Origins.

Other than that Dragon Age II has new characters, a new story, a new Kingdom, and a lot to offer for people that really liked Origins. Just don't go in thinking it will be just like Origins. DAII is a great story that takes place in a different city that has different cultures and settings.

I really liked DA2 and I think Origins was one of the best games this gen. People don't give either as much credit as they deserve.
Logan832  +   878d ago
If I beat Red Dead Redemption then sold it, do you think its worth buying it with the expansion packs for $30?
antz1104  +   878d ago
From what Ive heard it is, I played most of the campaign but didnt finish.Nows a good way to get back into it. Definately going to pick this up to play all the DLC.
Brownghost  +   878d ago
Yes it's worth it and the dlc is great
DarkBlood  +   878d ago
i didnt think amazon.ca would do black friday deals but damn its everything except video games i'll have to check out what .com version has
xVeZx  +   878d ago
hoping sonic generations, killzone 3, resistance 3, and uncharted 3 go down to amazing low low prices
The_Devil_Hunter  +   878d ago
Just picked up the Helghast Editon of KZ3 a couple days ago for 39.99. it seemed like a great price for it and I har never played KZ3.

Any of you guys know if it was as good as KZ2?
bloodybutcher  +   877d ago
i´d say no,kz2 was better in story mode and dfinitely in mp.kz3 has more varied enviroments.but mp,apart from operations mode,was disappointing.and operations have only 3 maps.3!!!
zeeshan  +   877d ago
Are you kidding me? KZ3 MP is SIMPLY AMAZING! It's so addictive/addicting (can someone please correct me, I can't ever get it right!!??)
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Gambit07  +   878d ago
Rage is at $30 at Target.
Yakuza 4 at $18.18 at Amazon.
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ForROME  +   878d ago
I snagged Red Dead GOTY, I have never played now is as good of a time as any!
Nes_Daze  +   878d ago
Meh, If I can get new games for half off on Black friday, then wouldn't I be able to get a lower priced RDR?
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   878d ago
i really hope theres more to the "plus more" section of this list. a used copy of bioshock 2 has been $8 at gamestop since...well, God only knows how long its been.

nobody cares about deals on yesterdays games amazon. why dont you try bringing uc3 or skyrim down to half for the day instead? seems like youre just trying to get rid of whats left in the back room with some of these deals.
SoundGamer  +   878d ago
I wonder if they'll match the Best Buy price for the 250GB Xbox 360 Holiday bundle ($199).

I hope they do because then I won't have to fight with the crowds!
Krakn3Dfx  +   878d ago
Awesome, was looking for Skylanders for my son for XMas, $20 off of the Starter Pack, nothing wrong with that.
bigtrucknd  +   877d ago
What a craptastic bunch of junk. Best Buy has the best prices I've seen, just sucks you have to wait in a line on Thanksgiving.

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