Video: Skyrim's PS3 lag exposed - Are you suffering?

It's "frustrating" Xbox doesn't have same problem, bemoans CVG's Tim Clark

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Jdoki2282d ago

I've noticed that the longer I play the game the worse the framerate stutters appear to be getting on PS3. It's not major, just noticeable.

I had read that some people think it is when the save game file hits a certain size (4MB iiirc). My save file is up around 7MB, but have heard of others with 14MB saves who claim to have had no issues.

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josephps32282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Skyrim is a 6/10 and all reviewers are dishonest liars!

Everyone one of these reviewers who failed to mention this problem are liars. What the hell happened? Many of them write "I'm only 50 hours in..." or "I've finished the game" and they don't mention this game breaking bug?

I can only assume these reviewers are talking out of their collective asses. They only put in 20 hours just to test out the game and got enough of an impression to write a false review. How could they unanimously give 9/10 scores with a game breaking bug like this.

I bet you anything that now this ridiculous bug is public knowledge some reviewer will come out and post a score that truly reflects what Skyrim should have got: 6-7/10

Skyrim is essentially a broken unacceptably buggy game that has great potential but is unfinished. Bethesda needs to stop releasing unfinished games, Fallout NV anyone? I recommend staying away from this game until there are at least 3 patches or approximately 6 months from now because why buy something you basically can't play after 30 hours of gameplay?

jim20352282d ago

I would suggest that most of the reviews were played on 360 where this isn't a problem.

josephps32282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Reviewers are all liars. Reviews are nothing but a big scam. The proof: Skyrim.

It would seem all 100% of the reviews were played on 360 because not a single reviewer mention this problem on the PS3. Its not just a small problem. This is a game breaking problem.

If I have to quit and reload to temporarily fix the framerate drop then I consider that a broken game. And even that may not be enough as later when it gets worse you have to reboot the actual PS3!

You have to be kidding me. Since when has this become acceptable!? This is a freakin broken buggy game and SHAME to every reviewer who did not play more than 20 hours to bring this to their reader's attention. The framerate gets worse and worse as you play on. What you see in the video is just the start. I tolerated that small infrequent drop in framerate but it gets longer and more frequent and just try continue playing the game. If this isn't a game breaking bug then I don't know what is.

Every single reviewer has falsely misrepresented themselves as playing the whole game and being able to give a whole complete impression. BULLSHIT! They played 10-20hours and thought, "hey this is Skyrim, we all know this is a AAA game so I'm just going to save some time and get paid for not doing proper due diligence and lie through my ass. I'm just going to regurgitate what my other reviewer pals have said and fill it obvious blah blah blah and I'm done. I'm going to back to playing Catherine now. Wow this is a great job. I hope nobody gets a sniff of this big scam."

Every reviewer has been caught red handed with their nearly perfect review of Skyrim and failing to mention this GAME BREAKING BUG!

Bethesda, I want my money back!

Dark_Overlord2282d ago


If you're in the UK (you're profile doesn't say what country you're from), then you can demand your money back and the shop has to refund it, if you believe the product to be defective, they have 2 weeks to fix it (which isn't going to happen) or refund

This is what trading standards told me when I made a complaint before

Halochampian2282d ago


I havent ran into any of those problems. Oh wait, I played it on the PC.

Most reviewers are going to play it on the PC and just review it for all platforms. Skyrim is not a 6/10 game. Maybe it is on the PS3 and the PS3 reviewing sites/magazines should be addressing the issue but to say all reviews are scam just because they dont play it on the PS3 is a little rash.

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ECM0NEY2282d ago

"Skyrim is essentially a game being played on a broken unacceptably buggy console that has great potential but is unfinished."


Stop crying. You knew what you were getting into when you bought a Bethesda game on PS3. You even admitted it yourself.
Ever think its bc the PS3 is to time consuming to program for?

Imikida2282d ago

"Buggy Console"? I wouldn't consider ps3 a buggy console, rarely any games have these game breaking bugs and I'm sure xbox has some games like this too.

ECM0NEY2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I was just giving Jose a hard time. The 2nd part of my comment is straight up truth.

edit: im playing on PC btw not xbox

Bathyj2282d ago

"game breaking bug"

Turn it up mate. It might detract from the game a bit but its hardly game breaking.

I starting to notice a bit of lag myself, mainly in towns, but it hasnt stopped me putting as many hours into this game as I have work this week.

ECM0NEY2282d ago

Thats why i was giving him a hard time. Jose was way over the top lol

Anon19742282d ago

And in the meantime, while PS3 gamers wait for a patch, the fix is as easy as "Restart your game every once and awhile."

This isn't game breaking by any stretch of the imagination.

MysticStrummer2282d ago

Yeah "game breaking" is pretty harsh, considering I've spent about 100 hours building up to a 12mb save file and enjoyed every minute of it. The Save/Quit/Restart method works for me as a temporary fix for a couple of hours. I just do that when I go use the bathroom or get some food (out with the old, in with the new). Dead Island had worse bugs than the ones I've run into with Skyrim.

FuseUnison2282d ago

I'm over 90 hours in, and the only reason I would give skyrim an 8 or 9 and not a 10 is because of the frame rate issues. They do get annoying sometimes, but they only last for a few seconds. Calling the problem "game breaking" is an extreme exaggeration. All you have to do is save, quit, reload, and you're good. Skyrim's nowhere near as buggy as New Vegas was. When it first came out, that's a game that could be called broken.

beavis4play2282d ago

extreme exaggerations on the internet???? that's impossible, isn't it? LOL

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Deeloc2282d ago

I'm Workin so much that I can't even get to play it as much.saving up for my PSVITA

Bathyj2282d ago

Ken would be proud of you.

Philoctetes2282d ago

I'm now over 30 hours in and my save file is at 7.5MB. Still no freezes, and very minimal framerate drops. In other words, this game is running almost flawlessly for me, especially considering that it's a Bethesda game.

Not saying that others haven't had problems, but I've had none at all.

digger182282d ago

I did the install before patch fix. Over 10mb save files now and game running with little to no frame drops

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