Skyrim mods: Nexus tests limit with children

InEntertainment writes: During our review of Skyrim, if you can call it a review now that we’re around 100 hours in, we’ve seen many children that are normally found in towns, although you’ll find limits to what you can do when it comes to kids.

The thought of killing children in a game has never entered my mind, no matter how much they can annoy you sometimes, but this thought would’ve entered some gamer’s minds. Bethesda didn’t add this feature for many reasons including ethics, and while this is only a game it’s just out of good taste.

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danswayuk2285d ago

While it is understandable children would die when a village is attacked by a dragon, it should stay hidden.

ricky3602285d ago

While I will not kill children in Skyrim, we have to remember it is just a game and one with an age limit as well.

D3mons0ul2284d ago

Go be overly sensitive somewhere else. There is absolutely nothing to whine about here. Wanting to kill the Jarl of Whiterun's annoying kids and achieving it through the use of a mod is not the same as brandishing a butcher knife and hacking your way through a school playground on a monday morning.

retrofly2285d ago

Just don't include children in the game, it doesn't add to the gameplay so just leave them out entirely.

RedDead2285d ago

It does sorta..with a few quests based around them. It's also odd not having kids in a world with families etc.

retrofly2285d ago

Hmmm I'havne't come accross these quests yet.

Laxman2285d ago

It adds a degree of believability and life to the world, and given Bethesda's main goal of an Elder Scrolls game is to immerse the player, I think kids help create a sense of living, breathing world which in more ways than most players will notice, adds to the overall feel and value of the game.

retrofly2285d ago

Its odd, the ambiant life in Skyrim takes me out of the immersion, the character are so wooden and carry out the same repetitive actions and sayings it detracts its self from reality.

The way Bethesda immerses the player is with the story line, character progression and the open world exploration.

If the kids tells me he's gunna prank me 1 more time, I'm going to buy the PC version, install the nexus mod and punch him in the face :).

AllroundGamer2285d ago

also why can't i pickpocket children? :D i want their lollipops...

Laxman2285d ago

I want to offer them lollipops... and lead them into my dungeon.

retrofly2285d ago

Do you work at penn state univercity? :P

ECM0NEY2285d ago

Its a VIDEO GAME. I dont think I would kill kids in Skyrim but I do want it to be possible for the sake of realism.

On second thought i probably would and reload a save lol

Saryk2284d ago

It's OK to kill Police officers, Firemen, all military personnel, the list goes on and on. But killing a kid is SO wrong? Killing anyone is wrong,period. But in a make believe world, do what you want. I find it therapeutic for people to do so,that way they don't actually do it..............

And remember people, I can close my eyes and imagine the same thing.

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