MK - Need for Speed: The Run Review

Graphics: 80
Sound: 75
Gameplay: 77


Ups: Frostbite 2.0 does it's job well, nice character modelling for a racing game, cutscenes look good
Downs: There isn't any story, no modifications for cars, weak AI, most races looks like scripted.

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morkendo232283d ago

have not played a GOOD need for speed since UNDERGROUND before that HOTPURSUIT 2
maybe blackbox studio make revamp of HIGHSTAKES next. lets hope an pray for it.

ECM0NEY2283d ago

After reading that the game can be beat in 2 and a half hours, i will be returning it to Amazon.

Hellbound19782283d ago

The NFS: Underground games were the best of the series....HD remake please. It's a shame that with all this new tech they still can't out-do a last gen game.