Will a lack of Wiis help or hinder PS3 and Xbox 360 sales?

Dave Parrack of Gamer.Blorge aka Tech.Blorge - November 29, 2007:

"The Wii is carrying on its incredible stint as the must have console, and gadget of this year. Along with it, there's a huge shortage of the Nintendo machines available, with Wiis selling out as soon as they hit the stores both in the US and UK. Will these shortages help sales of the PS3 and Xbox 360, or actively hinder them?"

Parrack can see how the Wii shortage may turn out to be bad news for Sony and Microsoft.

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TheDank3914d ago

I would tend to have to disagree, due to the fact major retailers will always push and sway parents towards products they have readily available. Emphesizing the pros of why either the PS3 or XBOX 360 is the smarter purchase. Stating things like both PS3 and XBOX 360 are capable of HD resolutions up to 1080P, along with both have true next gen graphics capabilities, and PS3 is capable of BluRay movie playback etc. While advising parents all of which Wii doesn't and cannot offer with its last gen graphics. Noting to them that buying a Wii would be like buying a 12 month old computer something parents can relate too. Stressing Wii is very outdated. Rather then let these other products collect dust on the store shelves. Bottom-line after all they are in the retail business to make money. These are tactics I've witnessed and observed multiple times at Game Stop along with EB Games. Not to mention the fact parents don't want to go home empty handed to a holiday of disappointed kids. After all something is always better than nothing. Let's keep that in mind along with the fact that parents can always purchase a Wii at a later date, when they are readily available, but for the time being a PS3 or XBOX 360 will fill the void and appease the children. Enough said

bumnut3914d ago

wii does not have great graphics but that does not mean its not fun.

not everyone goes for great graphics over gameplay.

as for lack of wii helping or hindering competitors, it will help.

if your kid wants a wii but you can't get one, would you get a 360 or ps3? definatley, parents won't want to see there kids with no presents on christmas day.

TheMART3914d ago

Oh right. That's why the Wii has such a low attach rate of games.

It's not only the less graphics. In general, there is nothing outside Mario, Zelda and Metroid Prime. Face it. The Wii is cheap. It gets bought. People play Wii Sports that comes with the package. People buy maybe one game a year. That's nothing. And the game bought is 1st party (Mario/Zelda etc.) so 3rd party support will fade away like this.

mighty_douche3914d ago

and once again, >The Round Peg - contributor - Tipsed by: The Round Peg<

FirstknighT3914d ago

The Xbox 360 has been on fire since Sept. selling an insane 100k a week and over 300k on Black Friday weekend. The xbox 360 doesn't need any help nor does it need a price cut.

Fighter3914d ago

What lack of Wiis? Nintendo made that BS story so unaware consumers will think it's hot and buy it like crazy. I know several people who are parents in their late 40's and 50's and they all tell me that the Wii is hardly used in their house anymore. When they first got it they bought extra controllers and played it all the time and then got tired. BTW they mostly played Wii sports.

Zhuk3914d ago

The Xbox 360 has been selling extremely well for the last few months, with a deluge of critically acclaimed AAA titles and of course the Halo 3 effect helping drive sales.

Things could always be better, more consoles could be shipped but things are going really well for the Xbox 360, it is not in need of assistance or a price cut to attract growth these holidays.

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