UK Charts - Modern Warfare 3 is the new Zumba Fitness (

Another Monday sees another UK Charts table published, this week with Modern Warfare 3 retaining the top spot and keeping out Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Saints Row: The Third and plenty more new entries in a rather mad week for newly released games. Will Modern Warfare 3 just stay at the top now for ages? Probably!

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JebusF2314d ago

MW3 will probably sit there until about February now at least. It'll just keep selling and selling...

The Meerkat2314d ago

I'd say you're spot on.
But what will be the game to beat it?

Ghost Recon
Darkness 2
Mass Effect 3
Carrier Command

JebusF2314d ago

I think Mass Effect 3 will take the crown, but only for a few weeks, probably.

Terrylucy2314d ago

It's amazing how the crap games always stay at number one. First Zumba, now this.

Hicken2314d ago

When I read the title, all I could think of was, "I'm not sure which is worse..."

Tafari2314d ago

Thank Goodness! Zumba shone in the spotlight for far too long imho!

WhiteSpyderZero2314d ago

Really surprised at Saint's Row debuting at #4 - Well deserved though, because that game is ace :)

mcstorm2314d ago

MW is just the must have game of this gen just like the I stuff is the must have devices of the moment. I see why alot of people play the game as it is a fact action FPS Game that kids relay like. Even though the game is not for me just like the I devices. I expect MW3 to be top in Europe and USA until around February next when sales will start to die down a little.

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