Chuck Norris Appears in World of Warcraft Commercial


For years, World of Warcraft players have told rumors and facts about Chuck Norris. World of Warcraft players have even gone as far as creating characters that look like Chuck Norris.

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Kran2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )


The Internet Just Died. It is believed to be caused by a man who's name is so epic, we cannot say it live on air.

majiebeast2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Chuck norris jokes aint funny anymore can somebody tell blizzard that cause they didnt get the memo.

Kran2192d ago

Why don't you tell them? You can also tell half the world who also think they're pretty cool, and not just Blizzard.

D3mons0ul2191d ago

Over half the world is what would be considered "stupid" too, especially many Americans.

Pikajew2192d ago

That was actually funny