Plus XP: Top 5 Hero’s and Villians

Garvaos from Plus XP writes: "Through the ages there have been some epic battles in the gaming universe. Hero’s and villains have been at each others throats since the dawn of time and there have been some truly epic battles. Link vs Ganondorf, Sonic Vs Robotnic, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, the list goes on.
Ever since we have known each other there has been another epic battle going. Garvaos Vs Random Man. Ok so this battle hasn’t been written into some sacred gaming code but it has been going on for the best part of 10 months or so now. We thought it would be best to settle this like true gaming journalists would and draft up five warriors from the gaming universe that would fight in each of our corners. I will draft the Hero’s for this epic battle, but will Random Man’s villainous horde vanquish me and take over the world? Lets find out!"

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Pozzle2402d ago

"Kain (Soul Reaver)"

Yes!! Kudos for mentioning this underrated series!

Hicken2402d ago

Glad to see Zack instead of Cloud, for one. Expected Sephiroth... I guess he just LOOKS too badass to not be included; for me, he was an underwhelming bad guy.

And I LOVE the inclusion of Myria in the list, except.... what the hell was that picture???

TheWolverine2402d ago

Y Mundus? I didn't feel he topped any list of baddies. Maybe top 100 baddies in gaming, but not the top 5...