Modern Warfare 3: Village & Outpost "Out Of The Map Glitch" After Patch 1.04 -- Not Again?

Pinoytutorial: Here's a gameplay showcasing two related glitches found on Outpost and Village Map hinting the imminent bugs still persistent even after the release of Patch 1.04 for Modern Warfare 3.

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flyinrhyno2432d ago

on a sidenote i advise people to not jump into elite from inside the game, second time i lost some levels doing it. got my all your base gametag, went to elite to take a break came back and it was gone. make sure you go to main menu then quit. then start elite from xmb or dashboard. at least this time i just lost a couple of matches and not 5 levels.

Hicken2432d ago

I remember somebody doing something similar on a map in the Uncharted beta.

But Uncharted had a beta, so things like that got reported, and aren't affecting the game after release.

GraveLord2431d ago

I haven't seen people doing this on PS3.
Looks like 360 is the one with this problem.

Hicken2431d ago

The point is that betas usually help get rid of issues like this. And CoD hasn't had a beta in quite some time.


Every cod has had a glitch after a patch!