IGN : Castlevania Symphony of the Night Review (9.5)

7.0 Presentation
It's a PlayStation game, meaning you'll see a lot of simple, static menus with little fluff, but little things like the coffin save points add to the appeal.

8.0 Graphics
Sure, the sprites are low-res by today's standards, but they're animated beautifully, and there's a lot of detail to be found in the various dungeons, courtyards and ramparts of Dracula's castle.

7.0 Sound
Yeah, sure, the voice acting is atrocious and the translation at times hilarious, but the music will drill its way into your head and have you humming themes for weeks after you've finished the game.

9.5 Gameplay
Action RPG meets traditional Castlevania standbys with a dash of Zelda in the way of upgrades and plenty of Metroid love to boot. Metroid + Zelda + Castlevania + RPG = Winner.

9.5 Lasting Appeal
There's a ton of stuff to find here, including a completely flipped version of the world you'll explore for hours plus multiple characters and endings.

Incredible OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)

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MK_Red3827d ago

This is the real deal. THE CastleVania to remember.

turbogeek3827d ago

this is actually my favorite PS1 game, tied with MGS1

SpinalRemains1383827d ago

The last of the 2d Castlevania worlds and very possibly the best