Third Most Popular Mod On Skyrim In Action With Water Texture Pack — Impressive?

Pinoytutorial: Check out Skyrim's Enhanced Night Sky (third most popular mod of the game) along with Realistic Water Texture pack to enhance the game's environment on a deeper level.

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NovusTerminus2288d ago

I got this game on the PS3... Mostly because this game would crash my PC. But One day, I will be able to play it with these mods...

And hopefully then the male characters wont be so fugly.

Kamikaze1352288d ago

The water looks really nice. Great job!

Iroquois_Pliskin2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

I wonder how modders do it. It's seriously a genius' work

Heartnet2288d ago

Not much difference imo.. probably wouldnt notice it unless I looked out for it mmmm...

Still nice if you really like looking at water for a prolonged time though

Kamikaze1352288d ago

Idk about that. Whenever I see the water it urks me that it looks so...thick and shiny on the surface. In some instances, it seems a bit off. This mod is a huge improvement. Not perfect, but definitely an improvement.