10 Video Game Soundtracks That We Would Love To Be Released In Their Entriety

With the KOFXIII pre-order soundtrack bonus in mind, takes a look at 10 Video Game Soundtracks That They would like to see as a pre-order bonus

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CrescentFang2406d ago

Though I'm not sure what the author is really asking for (NA published release of OSTs or a franchise OST collection to this point and also release it in NA)
The Castlevania one is right here (of course from Japan)
All the up until Judgement. Including the spin offs, remakes, and a arranges. I will get this one day, even if it is sold out I will hunt it down! Breath of Fire, Seiken Densetsu and the SaGa series have also had a complete OST collection (at least up to the point when they were released, but all of those games haven't had a new game in a long time)
Though MGS had a 20th Anniversary Collection (Japan) it was just a single CD release with iconic songs from the series. Oh I wish someday they would release OSTs in the US

Hicken2406d ago

As far as I'm concerned, SotN still has the best soundtrack of any game I've ever played.

stay_whack2406d ago

I was aiming for a franchise OST collection with a NA release, was what I had in mind. I probably should have thought of making that clear when I wrote this.

Although I had no clue the Castlevania one was released, (quite the impressive bundle there). I was realizing that KOF XIII couldn't have been the first series to give away OST's (in fact the first blaz-blue game had an awesome soundtrack cd bonus that came with it), to me it was just a very impressive pre-order bonus for a series that it is 16 years old. So it didn't seem like a bad idea to compile a list of games I'd like to see do something similar.

Also any excuse to listen to video game music is never a bad one. Thanks for the feedback.

CrescentFang2405d ago

Your welcome, keep spreading the video game music love! :)