Skyward Sword – How to Obtain the Best Shield

"So you’ve picked up The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on day one, good for you. By now you have probably noticed that Link doesn’t start with the greatest of shield, but not to worry because as the game progresses you will be able to purchase newer and better shields from the bazaar in Skyloft." - JPS

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crxss2251d ago

eh, don't waste time on upgrading shields but buy all of them cause they all help (wood against electricity and iron against fire and the purple one cause it's the best of both worlds).

you wont get the Hylian shield for a long time. once you heal the Thunder Dragon he'll say he has a challenge ready for you in awhile but just talk to him right afterwards and you can start the Boss challenge. i think you have to beat like 8 bosses in order to get the most bamf shield in Zelda History.