Why the Wii Bubble will Burst

Former N64 Gamer Editor and gameplayer writer Narayan Pattison has noted that despite strong sales, the Wii is doomed for a big fall. He explains why...

"And just how long do you honestly expect publishers to keep committing to Wii development when their games aren't being bought?"

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CyberSentinel3915d ago

"And just how long do you honestly expect publishers to keep committing to Wii development when their games aren’t being bought?"

Why do you really think there is such a supply/manufacturing problem with 6 year old hardware? (even Nintendo admits its basically a gamecube)

I will tell you why. Nintendo does not have confidence in its own product. They know this runaway train is eventually going to come to sudden stop.

karlostomy3915d ago

This is because the wii cannot sustain what has become a fashion 'meme'. It is selling like hotcakes because:

1. People 'think' it is the cool thing to have ( a gimmick)
2. It is easily accessible fun, often with little hardcore substance.
3. It is cheap and uncomplicated.
4. It appeals to soccermums who buy those toys...

The problem is, these things tend to become 'uncool' very quickly.
As soon as a new gimmick arrives it will get dropped. HARD.

Just like: fondue sets, tamagotchis, sitcoms of the 80s, bubblegum popstars, shoulderpads...

will we read about the wii here in the near future?

ShadoWulf3915d ago

was that it FUNCTIONS like a Cube. As in, they didn't add more cores or anything. It still codes like a cube. However, any dev will tell you, it's got over twice the processing power.

As for the bubble, for the popularity-slave average consumer, it probably will burst. But for us gamers, the goods keep on coming, just like any other console.

Prismo_Fillusion3915d ago

Another one of these anti-Wii articles? Gimme a break.

xionpunk3915d ago

I don't think its meant to be "anti-wii", I Think it just means you can't just assume that the insane sales mean that Nintendo's console is free and clear. It has a valid point.

gamesblow3915d ago

Of course it will... people can only stand an ugly thing for so long...

Rooftrellen3915d ago

This isn't about the grill..I mean PS3.

On another note, I wonder why I put people on my ignore list when, after people go there, I feel an urge to comment on everything they say by the time they reach there.

cooke153915d ago

yawn, the bubble was supposed to burst 9 months ago.. then 6 months ago, then 3 months ago. now its gonna burst again. Well guys when is it going to happen? Wii sales are rising in the US, rising again in Japan, rising in Europe. They sell out every console that hits the shelves. Games ARE selling well, and they also dont need to sell as much as 360 or PS3 games to be successful because of MUCH lower development costs. selling 100k on Wii is worth the investment.

xionpunk3915d ago

I dunno about that. If selling 100,000 on ps2/gamecube/xbox was considered bad, then why is it different for the wii? Needs at least 500,000 to be considered ok, at least thats what devs say.It is true about development costs though, but if they don't start selling more games then all those hardware sales mean nothing.

SlappingOysters3915d ago

You're right in a way, the Wii bubble is blowing up bigger than anyone thought, but that just means a bigger explosion. Other than 1st-party and movie tie-ins, there is not a lot of hot titles in 08 on Wii?

cooke153915d ago

movie tie ins arent selling well on Wii..

look 3rd party games sell better on Wii than they do on PS3 with 1/3rd the development cost. Its too bad the PS3 bubble burst before it was released.

Danja3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Damn Cooke15 ur beign Fanboyish agressive 2night...keep it up.. LOL

BTW how can you say the PS3 bubble burst it was released..? yeah after E3'05 that's when the Industry turned on Sony..but the PS3 is gaining momentum fast these says...

so umm ever played a PS3..??..maybe Uncharted will change yah mind..or if you like maybe Ratchet it..has a more Nintendo ..look so you may enjoy it's for all ages just like Mario..!!

Rooftrellen3915d ago

Actually, there are a lot of good games comming for the Wii, and few of them are made by Nintendo.

I know not everyone is into No More Heroes or Fragile, but I think they'll be great. PS3 and 360 fanboys seem to be more into titles like Wii Music, though. But, hey, there's something for everyone!

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Darkiewonder3915d ago

Nintendo is doing great. they don't need third parties. they can stick to first party games to sell their system and each and every first party game will break 1 million and then some.