Original PSP Still Going Strong

Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand has announced via a press release that the original PSP console is still selling well in New Zealand.

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MultiConsoleGamer2253d ago

PSP 3000e in Europe, $99 PSP 3k black friday sale in the US, and continually strong sales in Japan.

PSP still has a lot of shelf life.

darthv722252d ago

is a great system. I have the 1000 and the GO and my son has the 2000. I personally prefer the GO because its smaller and hooks up to the tv (like the 2000) but I still use my 1000 for the UMD games i still play to this day.

Newer games I get digitally but there are some you just cant find in digital form.

MultiConsoleGamer2252d ago

I love the PSP GO, its nice to see a fellow GO fan. Right on brother.

insomnium22253d ago

Yup I just got myself a new 3000 model. Such a great handheld.

miyamoto2253d ago

I just fired up my PSP 3000 after 2 weeks of Uncharted 3.

I need to play my FFVII, LBP, Modnation Racer,Lilo and Stich that I got free from PSN months ago. Whole lot of back log to finish. Can't wait ot play Adhoc with the PS Vita.

Inception2253d ago

If you liked (J)RPG, i reccomen to try Fate/Extra. I just finished it on my PSP 3000 and it's a good game.

miyamoto2253d ago

thanks for the heads up, mate

LettingGo2253d ago

Who buys new handhelds?!?

Nobody would buy a PSP new for $130 when they can get one used for $70.

silvacrest2253d ago

some people just dont like used stuff, money has nothing to do with it for them

i personally dont mind used items as long as the condition is good

GraveLord2253d ago

I got a used PSP. It has UMD reading problems and its dirty. Its why I haven't bought any new games for it. Its really annoying having to reinsert the UMD over and over again.

LettingGo2253d ago

As much as I love some of the PSP's library, I'll hold out for my Vita.

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The story is too old to be commented.