FortressCraft is Coming to MAGFest

DJArcas, the mind behind FortressCraft, will be attending MAGFest. The new OnLive build of the game will be demonstrated to attendees.

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HSx92402d ago

Is he not ashamed he clearly ripped off another title? I know Minecraft ripped off another title as well, but atleast they recreated the game better visually and feature wise, unlike this idiot.


gotta do everything he can to milk those last months until minecraft releases on xbox, then its over

HK62402d ago

I am aware that I will take copious amounts of flak for anything I say regarding FortressCraft but the ignorance of some bothers me. Minecraft has not "visually" improved much from Infiniminer in my opinion. However, FortressCraft has far surpassed Minecraft with graphics in mind. Features wise, FortressCraft has added custom blocks, physics "doodads", as well as multiplayer that requires no server.

Ezetta2402d ago

IMO, the graphic sucks. I know Minecraft ain't much better, but that's part of the charm.

Deeke2402d ago

Get yer tomatoes ready to throw! FFS I dislike FC, and seeing it come to OnLive means that it'll indefinitely make the money it doesn't deserve >.<