Skyrim's Concept Art Recalls Memories of Bob Ross - An examination of how much of Skyrim's concept art eerily resembles the work of Bob Ross. Landscapes and mountains, trees, rivers, and all.

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HSx92251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

This is what happens when an idiot browses reddit too much, of course Bob Ross created amazing art, but are you seriously comparing his art to the games landscape? Skyrim has a depressing, mellow atmosphere, im not saying the game is ugly or anything, infact it's beautiful, but if you notice skyrims saturation is really low, the developers did this on purpose. And Bob Ross' art is more vibrant and alive. Just because someone drew mountains and landscapes for a living doesn't mean a video game stole their ideas. This is not gaming news, this should be in a news site for art.

Also good similarities between the pics, but next time don't say the game "borrowed", that is stupid, just like your article.

D3mons0ul2251d ago

I'm getting pretty sick of people who accuse others of ripping off ideas anyway. The word "ripoff" is cast around much too freely these days.

It's no secret that artists borrow ideas from each other, that's the way art works. People get inspired by the creations of others and in many ways, Video Games are relative to these kinds of arts if not actually being them.

The pessimist's point of view: Everything has been done before, nothing is new, just deal with it.

Reibooi2251d ago

well said. There are so many pieces of art many of them are bound to be similar but that doesn't mean someone copied someone else. I mean there are only so many ways you can paint or draw a land scape for instance so there will be plenty of paintings from many different artists that look similar but it doesn't mean for a second they ripped someone off or copied them.

kewlrats2251d ago

The article was meant to be more humorous than anything else. Was Skyrim actually borrowing ideas from Bob Ross? No, absolutely not. But whenever mountains or vistas are used as concept art (in this case Skyrim) it's interesting to note how much Bob Ross actually got "right" in portraying them, and how good concept art follows some of the same basic pattern of development.

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Oner2251d ago

Whenever he would say "Happy Little Tree(s)" know what he meant ;)

GroundsKeeperJimbo2251d ago

They had to add note to the bottom of the article stating that it's meant to be a joke.