The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review - MMGN.COM writes: Skyward Sword is one of the most highly anticipated games this generation, a fitting swansong to an interesting era of gaming from Nintendo and its Wii console. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is finally here for the masses, bringing with it claims of perfect 1:1 sword-play, an epic quest and a new take on the familiar Zelda experience. Expectations were at an all-time high, particularly with the re-release of Ocarina of Time earlier this year, which has been long heralded as the greatest game of all time.

Skyward Sword not only meets all of those expectations, but creates a gaming experience that has not only reinvigorated an ageing series, but set a standard for what Nintendo can achieve with motion controls, story and fantastic art styles.

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seriousslycooper2255d ago

Now that's more like it! More 10's the better. Seriously the game is so much fun even though I'm only like 5 hours in.

Gaetano2255d ago

Watching people play it gets me so excited for it! I understand the criticisms but it's a brilliant game.

ssb31732254d ago

This is an amazing game that deserves this score. A must buy for any wii owner