Six reasons the PS2 is the best system of all time

Ten years ago today, Sony released what would go on to become the world’s best selling game console. With 140 million units in people’s homes and games released to this very day, it’s lived the longest and healthiest life of any games machine we can think of. But what made it such an unparalleled success? How did Sony leave all its competitors in the dust when so many of that generation’s biggest hits were multiplatform releases?

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Shok2376d ago

Still can't choose between this or the SNES.

Both are the best (in my eyes) because of the same, one reason - massive library full of quality games.

NewMonday2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

SNES for me, i grew with it as a gamer, from my early platform gaming with games like Mario, MegaManx and later on DK country, all day competitive SFII marathons vs my brother in our room, to discovering JRPGs, i still remember being overwhelmed by all the text and stats and grinding, but it was a great game like Chrono Trigger(still the best JRPG ever) that compelled me and pulled me in.

oh! and NO loading time.

darthv722375d ago

shooters. Space shooters were some of the best on the genesis. Ranger X, Thunder force series, Gaires.....

SNES was the king of RPG's back then though. Axelay was a good shooter I will give them that.

Its like both had their strong points. That was a great generation to have been a part of.

iamtehpwn2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

In my view, PS2 was the SNES of a new generation. To me, between those 2 consoles, it's damn near impossible to decide which one was better. But they contributed to our lives with some of the best gaming experiences, ever.

mcstorm2375d ago

For me the best console was the amiga 32 just because it was way ahead of its time and alot of the game i grew up with were on the amiga 32 then i woild say it was between the snes and dreamcast. I dont know why but i was not excited about the ps2 it had some amazing games but for me after being a massive ps1 fan i could not get into it. I see why alot of people oved it though but just was not for me.

But its been the same again this gen for me i have all 3 consoles and the ps3 i can not get into i only buy exclusives for it every other game i buy on 360.

I still think its unbelievable what sony did in terms of sales with the ps2 over 100 million people cant be wrong on picking the console up and i also donk know if we will see another console sell as many as the ps2 just because all 3 are very strong now and each console is going to be different from the other on the ways they are going with there consoles which for me is the way ot shoulf be.

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Gam3rSinceBiRTH2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Yeah I also agree. I think the SNES/Genesis combo is still best combo ever in gaming. Better than Ps2/xbox combo and better than the ps3/360 combo.

5 points if anybody knows my avatar?

NewMonday2376d ago

the blond guy from streets of rage

waltyftm2376d ago

Axel Stone to be exact, my fave character from the series, just wish Sega would make a 4th game.

darthv722375d ago

its as if the majority of people on this site didnt participate in the Genesis/SNES generation. Therefore they dont know the significance that this current gen has that is soooo similar to that gen.

Only now, MS is playing the Sega role and Sony is playing the Nintendo role. Yeah that seems a bit weird but if you were around back then you get the idea.

Nintendo is in a league of their own. Much like NEC was with their Turbografx. It was a third wheel in a two cart race. The volleys of insults from the gamers back and forth today are obviously a bit more vocal thanks to the internet but it is still like being in the early 90's all over again.

On topic...PS2 is a good system and ranks up there with the likes of other great platforms. My personal favorite was the Genesis. It really lived up to its name and fought the good fight for gamers of all ages.

guitarded772375d ago

I can somewhat agree with the SNES/Gen to PS3/360 analogy, but one big difference now days is the fanboy dribble. Back then, gamers weren't "this system sucks, that system sucks"... everyone wanted to play everything. I think arcades had a big influence on console gaming too... you still see the arcade influence with downloadable titles, but retail console games have evolved into something bigger.

Highlife2375d ago

I disagree with the fanboy comment. I think there were just as many fanboys then as there are now. the Internet has just given them a voice.

Remember these commercials

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morkendo232375d ago

back in the day it was SNES all the way baby!!

darthv722375d ago

shot the SNES to the top. That game was......

Street Fighter 2

Popularity of that game alone is a not so secret weapon to the SNES success.

darthv722375d ago

represents their entry into gaming. It is still a good system with great games. Sony did good with their 2nd outing.

There were other platforms prior just as there will be after this gen. And its funny when younger gamers look at you strange in describing the games from years ago. Not thinking they themselves will be the old timers at some point and new younger gamers will start off with consoles and games that are many years away from now.

If I was a young gamer I would still respect the previous gen systems as they were the ones to help this entertainment medium build into what it is now and will become generations from now.

PS2 deserves to take its place among the greats.

egidem2375d ago

I'm glad I had the opportunity to be alive and play the many hundreds and hundreds of amazing PS2 games during the PS2 era, as well as the PS1 era and a substantial amount of NES and SNES games.

I have 3 young cousins who grew up post PS2 era and they constantly believe that the Wii era is the best ever hands down, and that nothing can compare to I pity them!

gamingdroid2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

I was going to say SNES is my favorite (next to PC), but from a usability standpoint the Xbox 360 has by far shown itself to be used more and more for my entertainment needs.

I find I use it to communicate with friends, watch movies on Netflix, sports shows on ESPN and of course game. Soon I will be watching LiveTV and recording it with my DVR functionality.

None of the other previous consoles did that, and none of them evolved like the latest crop of consoles do. It's pretty much the only box I need in front of my TV next to the amplifier.

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GamersRulz2376d ago

I agree with this article, just look at the incredible library of games for the console and you immediately realize how awesome PS2 was.

PS2 is the greatest Console ever made period

Trainz2376d ago

Without a doubt the ps2.
Back then you didn't have patches or dlc or any of that crap.
It was just buy a full finished game and have fun with it.

seriousslycooper2376d ago

Woot 10 years for PS2 and 5 years for Wii!

dcortz20272376d ago

Yes, the PS2 is the best console of ALL time. The PS2 had an amazing library of games.

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